Barcode Scanner Tools

Software Development Kits (SDKs) for building data-capture apps that use Zebra's barcode scanners.

Scanner SDK for Android - Get Started

The Zebra Scanner SDK for Android enables cordless scanners to be connected and controlled by a tablet / smart phone without using a cradle, after pairing over Bluetooth.

Scanner SDK for Chrome OS - Developer's Guide

The Scanner Software Development Kit (SDK) for Chrome allows developers to create Chrome apps. These apps can be run on any Chromebook and Chromium device. In addition, these apps can be run within a Windows Chrome browser version 69 or newer.

Scanner SDK for Linux - Developer's Guide

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for Linux enables a developer to create an application that can control a Zebra scanner. The SDK also includes a JPOS driver for Linux.

Scanner OPOS Driver - Developer's Guide

This guide provides information about the Zebra OPOS Driver which enables bar code data communication between any scanner and an OPOS compliant POS application via either a USB (IBM Hand-held and SNAPI) or RS-232 (Wincor-Nixdorf Mode B and SSI) connection.

Scanner SDK for Windows - Developer's Guide

This guide provides information about the Zebra Scanner Software Developer Kit (SDK) - an architectural framework providing a single programming interface across multiple programming languages and across multiple system environments for all scanners communication variants (such as IBMHID, SNAPI, SSI, HIDKB, Nixdorf Mode B, etc.).