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MDNA Licensing


Zebra Mobility DNA is a set of tools and features for enhancing productivity, performance and security of Zebra devices running Android.

With its two-tiered system, Zebra gives partners the flexibility of selecting full-featured Enterprise devices out of the gate, or reducing initial costs with the Professional series and upgrading as their organization grows.

  • Zebra Professional-series devices provide the core elements of MDNA, equipping devices such as the TC21 and TC26 with the most critical tools for app development and device management for enterprise mobility deployments of all sizes.
  • Zebra Enterprise-series devices include the full MDNA suite of enhancements for increased levels of productivity, performance and security.

When Multi-user Android is enabled on a device
, MX and Mobility DNA features work only with Primary users.

MDNA Components and Features

The following table indicates which features are included with Zebra Professional and Enterprise devices and lists the action(s) required to enhance a Professional device with Enterprise features, products or tools.

NOTE: Each MDNA license covers all MDNA features for one device.

Product/Feature To add product/feature to a
Professional device
To add product/feature to an
Enterprise device
All-Touch Terminal Emulation Buy à la carte license
Bluetooth Manager
advanced features
Buy MDNA Enterprise license* Included on device
DataWedge Included on device** Included on device MDNA Enterprise license required for:
• Multi-barcode
• Image/doc capture
Device Central 1. Buy MDNA Enterprise license*
2. Download and install latest app
Download and install latest app See supported devices
Device Diagnostics Free download
Device Tracker On-prem 1. Buy MDNA Enterprise license*
2. Download and install latest app
Download and install latest app Limited Pro-series device support
See supported devices
Device Tracker On-cloud licensed separately
EMDK for Android
EMDK for Xamarin
FREE - See Android setup instructions
FREE - See Xamarin setup instructions
MDNA Enterprise license required for:
• Multi-barcode
Enterprise Browser Buy à la carte license Supported on devices running
Android and Windows Mobile/CE
See all supported devices
Enterprise Home Screen Free download
Enterprise Keyboard 3.9+ 1. Buy MDNA Enterprise license*
2. Download and install latest app
Free download License required to use EKB with DataWedge or Enterprise Browser
LifeGuard Over-the-Air Updates Buy MDNA Enterprise license* Included Supports a select group of EMM systems
Mobility Extensions (MX) Included on device Free with all Zebra devices
PowerPrecision Console 1. Buy MDNA Enterprise license*
2. Download and install latest app
Free download
PTT Express Buy à la carte license Also available for devices running
Windows mobile operating systems
Learn more
SmartDEX Buy à la carte license Not supported on TC21
How to apply a license
StageNow Free admin tool download for Windows PCs
Client app is preinstalled on all Zebra devices
Wi-Fi advanced features Buy MDNA Enterprise license* Included on device
Workforce Connect Voice Buy à la carte license See User Manuals
WorryFree Wi-Fi Analyzer Buy MDNA Enterprise license* Included on device
Zebra Volume Control Buy MDNA Enterprise license* Included on device Controlled by MX using the
Audio Volume UI Manager

* One MDNA Enterprise license covers all MDNA features for one device.
** An MDNA Enterprise license is required for DataWedge to access multi-barcode and image/doc capture features.
Supported on devices with Android 10 or later.

Zebra Professional Series Devices

Field Mobility, Retail Warehouse, Manufacturing Healthcare
Wi-Fi only TC20, TC21 ‡ MC22 TC21-HC
Wi-Fi, WWAN TC26 ‡ MC27 TC26-HC

TC21 and TC26 device SKUs with a 3, 4, 7 or J in the fourth position (i.e. TC21xx-xNxxxx) ship with an MDNA Enterprise license preinstalled.

Software Components

All-Touch Terminal Emulation

Converts legacy green-screen apps into Android apps with a modern, tap-only UI for mobile devices.

Learn more about ATTE


Add scanning and data acquisition to any application on a device without coding. Manipulate and deliver acquired data as needed for an enterprise based on simple options or complex rules.

** NOTE: Zebra Professional-series devices include all DataWedge features except multi-barcode scanning and image/document capture. In DataWedge, these features are referred to as "NextGen SimulScan."

Learn more about DataWedge

Device Central

Centralized solution for connecting and monitoring Bluetooth peripherals using a simple user interface. Pair and unpair Bluetooth peripherals, monitor connection status, provide details on supported peripherals and update firmware.

Learn more about Device Central

Device Diagnostics

Instantly test and diagnose Zebra mobile-devices hardware to determine proper functionality and system health. Useful for quickly troubleshooting device issues to reduce downtime and increase worker productivity.

Learn more about Device Diagnostics

Device Tracker On-prem

Centralized on-premise solution for tracking and locating misplaced devices within a facility to help improve worker productivity and prevent device inventory shrinkage using a company's existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signaling and audio alerts. Formerly known as Device Tracker; on-premise versions ended with 2.3.1.

This product is licensed separately from Device Tracker On-cloud and cannot be upgraded.

Learn more about Device Tracker On-prem

EMDK for Android

Extends Android Studio for Mac OS and Windows with class libraries, sample apps and source code, enabling developers to easily build apps that take full advantage of the power of Zebra devices. Also includes the Profile Manager GUI tool for generating XML code for configuring features and settings on Zebra devices.

Learn more about EMDK-A

EMDK for Xamarin

An IDE extension that adds class libraries, sample applications and source code for creating apps for Zebra Android devices using C#. Also includes the Profile Manager GUI tool for generating XML code for configuring features and settings on Zebra devices.

Learn more about EMDK-X

Enterprise Browser

Mobile browser environment for quickly building apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript apps for Android and Windows Mobile/CE that can scan barcodes, capture signatures, process payments, print and fill virtually any other enterprise use case. Supported for use with most Zebra mobile devices, printers and peripherals.

Learn more about EB

Enterprise Home Screen

Replacement launcher for Zebra devices running Android that provides a GUI-based and code-free method of controlling access to apps and settings on a Zebra device. Easily limits usage to one or more specified applications, prevents changes to device settings and locks down the file system.

Learn more about EHS

Enterprise Keyboard

Flexible and efficient alternative to the stock Android keyboard provides programmable keys, switches quickly between languages and custom key layouts, and can scan barcode data directly into an application using any of the device's scanners. Includes EKB Designer tool for creating fully customized key layouts.

Learn more about EKB Learn more about EKB Designer

LifeGuard Over-the-Air Updates

Firmware delivery application works with a select set of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems to deploy operating-system updates wirelessly to Zebra mobile devices running Android. Also retrieves device info, including Android version and current base build and patch, and can report whether the device is running Google Mobile Services.

Learn more about LifeGuard OTA Updates

Power Precision Console

Battery management solution provides a centralized view of the health, state-of-charge and performance data of device batteries within an organization using data stored in Zebra's PowerPrecision batteries. Continuously monitors battery health in real time and triggers customized notifications of actions needed to maintain worker productivity.

Learn more about PPC

PTT Express

Enables push-to-talk communications between compatible devices over an existing Wi-Fi network. Provides a cost-effective way to enabling basic voice connections among small groups of workers inside the four walls of any enterprise.

Learn more about PTT Express

Also available for devices running Windows mobile


Brings DEX communications to Zebra’s Android and Windows Mobile handheld computers. Works with DEX cables and the Bluetooth-enabled DX30 device.

Learn more about SmartDEX


Device-staging utility for configuring Zebra devices provides a point-and-click environment for quickly setting up and deploying devices by scanning, tapping an NFC tag or reading settings from in a file. Integrates seamlessly with most Enterprise Mobility Management systems for seamless mass deployment of device settings across an enterprise.

Learn more about StageNow

Workforce Connect Voice

Provides access to enterprise data and apps, push-to-talk calls, PBX calls and secure messaging.

Learn more about Workforce Connect Voice

WorryFree Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi analysis and troubleshooting tool examines Wi-Fi issues from a mobile device to help bring about a solution. Background tool performs real-time analysis of data and voice issues such as device coverage and roaming, end-to-end connectivity and RF networking. Also performs logging and packet capture.

Learn more about WFW Analyzer.

Zebra Volume Control

Add, delete and replace Audio Profiles and select an Audio Profile as the device default. Can modify the permanent the "Factory Preset" Audio Profile and control the Mute and Vibrate states of the device, which are independent of all audio streams and Audio Profiles.

Learn more about Zebra Volume Control

Licensed Mobility Extensions

The MX Management System (MXMS) is Zebra's proprietary XML-based communication framework for managing Zebra Android device settings and behavior. MX functions are implemented as Configuration Service Provider (CSP) apps for most Android subsystems and are subject to licensing as shown below. Note: Each MDNA Enterprise license covers all MDNA features for one device.

Learn more about MX


Controls the ability of a device to pair with headsets, printers, computers and other Bluetooth devices that come into range. Also controls whether the device is "discoverable" by other Bluetooth devices for initiating pairing requests with it.

Licensed parameters:

  • AllowDiscoverability
  • AllowPairing
  • AllowSilentPairing
  • SilentPairingAction
  • SinglePairing
  • Scanner NFC Tap-to-Pair

Learn more about Bluetooth Manager


Administers the wireless LAN settings and network profiles for a device, including the saved settings required for connecting to various Wi-Fi networks.

Licensed parameters:

  • 2.4GHzChannels
  • 5.0GHzChannels
  • 802.11v
  • Authentication (LEAP option)
  • Authentication (EAP-FAST-GTC option)
  • AutoTimeConfig
  • BandPreference
  • CallAdmissionControl
  • CaptivePortalDetection
  • CCKM_Config
  • EnableRestrictedSettingsUI
  • Gratuitous_ARP
  • Hotspot
  • Hotspot24GHz
  • Hotspot5GHz
  • PasswordClearPEAPGTC
  • PasswordEncryptedPEAPGTC
  • PasswordProtectEncryption
  • SubNetRoam
  • UseHotspotOptions
  • WMM-PS (PowerSave Option 4)

Learn more about Zebra Wi-Fi

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