Preparing for MX Transition

Android Platform Transition


Zebra has selected Android 11 as the "transitional" OS version. Zebra devices running Android 11 will accept the old and the new methods of device configuration (XML and JavaScript). This is intended to allow organizations to continue using current methods while gradually converting to the new methods of staging, persistence, and data and file sharing being introduced. Zebra devices running Android 13 (and later) might NOT accept XML for device configuration, be it through scanning XML barcodes, XML pushed to devices by an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system or embedded within an EMDK app.

Zebra's device OS architecture is undergoing a major transformation that will effect nearly all device systems and processes, including device and Zebra value-added apps and features.

Effected Devices

The devices listed below are currently shipping with Android 11 and/or can be upgraded to Android 11. When testing Zebra's new processes, success on these devices also should be successful on devices with Android 13.

  • CC60x
  • EC30
  • EC50
  • ET51
  • L10
  • MC22
  • MC33x
  • MC33ax
  • PS20
  • TC21
  • TC52
  • TC72
  • VC83
  • WT6300