Frequently Asked Questions

MDNA Licensing

Q: Can licenses erased from a device be reused?

A: Yes. Licenses erased by a Factory Reset or other device service process can be reissued to the same device(s) using the same StageNow Profile and the same License Source (i.e. cloud-based or local server).

Q: I already have some licenses in my organization. What's the best way add more?

A: When ordering additional unit entitlements for an existing site license, include the Activation ID with the order to ensure that the same EMM policy can be used for the additional devices.

Q: Does Zebra offer evaluation licenses?

A: Yes. See the Process page to learn how they're acquired and applied.

Q: Are evaluation licenses installed in the same way as regular commercial licenses?

A: Yes. The fastest way to deploy an evaluation license on a device is manually, by using the License Manager app and the manual license assignment procedures.

  • Device licenses can be activated using:
    • StageNow and the License Mgr CSP
    • OEMConfig tool, part of Zebra's EMM Toolkit (available to authorized partners only)

Q: I'm having trouble viewing the MX Feature table on a mobile device. Can that be improved?

A: Yes. Try enabling the "Desktop site" (or similar) option in the mobile browser.

Here's how it looks in Chrome for Android: image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

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