Staging Guides

StageNow is Zebra's solution for remotely configuring Zebra-device settings and apps to prepare them for use in their intended role in an enterprise.

Complete Guide to Profiles

Describes the process of creating staging Profiles, which contain all the necessary information for remotely configuring Zebra devices and features, preparing them for networking, installing and licensing apps, and more.

Complete Guide to Staging

Describes all steps for staging Zebra devices after a configuration Profile has been created. Includes generating staging barcodes for scanning or .bin files for staging via NFC or USB.

Creating an Alert Button

Explains how to designate a key as a "panic button" that when long-pressed executes an intent to perform a customized task such as dialing an emergency phone number.

Device Owner Transfer

Covers how to transfer device ownership from the Zebra Device Manager (ZDM) to an EMM system without loss of user-installed apps or data.

Dynamic Staging

Learn how to use a single staging Profile to configure devices differently based on how and/or where the devices are to be deployed.

Smart Profiles

This guide explains how to automate the process of creating a Profile that will update the OS on one or more devices to any other version.

Trusted Staging

Shows how to create "trusted devices," which use security certificates to protect staged devices from unauthorized configuration changes.

Using SSM for Deployment

Learn how to use StageNow with Secure Storage Manager (SSM), Zebra's solution for addressing increased security mandates by Google on devices running Android 11 and later.

Zero Touch

Explains how to automate configuration of a device's network settings to enable new or refreshed devices to access Google Zero Touch servers for Device-Owner EMM Enrollment with no user interaction.