About Scanner SDK for Android


The Android SDK for Scanners allows a developer to create an Android application that controls a Zebra Scanner. The SDK supports both corded and cordless scanners. The SDK supports tablets, phones and other android devices.

Supported Devices

For the compatible devices list, please visit following page.

This SDK is approved for use on 3rd party Android devices like a Samsung tablet.
This SDK is not approved for use on Android based Zebra enterprise mobile computer devices. For Android based Zebra enterprise mobile computer devices, please use the EMDK to control a scanner.
NOTE: OEM Imagers Engines and Decoders Boards usually come without integrated LED and beeper. This functionality can only be tested with connected external beeper/LED.

Supported Android Operating System

Barcode Scanner SDK for Android support the following Android versions.

Android 11, 12 and 13

Version History

Version - 07/2023

  1. Added remote management support to the Scanner SDK for Android. Remote management supports both Firmware and Config File update through the consumption of an SMS package. Details: Place SMS Package in "Download/ZebraSMS" folder (programmable location). Folder automatically created when installing SDK. For additional details see Scanner SDK for Android TechDocs page.
  2. Added SMS package (Firmware and Config File) consumption support to the Android Scanner Control Application (SCA). Details: Place SMS Package in "Download/ZebraSMS" folder (programmable location). Folder automatically created when installing SCA. For additional details see Scanner SDK for Android TechDocs page.

Version - 04/2023

  1. Bug fix - Fixed crash when application (SDK created app) moved to background. Issue resolved a null pointer exception.
  2. Added reconnect option to enable reconnection even when go out of range and come back outside programmed time-out period. Now to reconnect (outside the timeout period) double click the trigger button. This only works in “SSI over Bluetooth Classic” mode.

Version - 12/2022

  1. Added device filter capability using an API. The API removes all non-Zebra barcode scanners by filtering on friendly name.
  2. Added auto-reconnect to last paired scanner upon application launch. This is achieved through an API which enables/disables auto reconnecting.
  3. Added support for Android SDK API level 33.

Version - 07/2022

  1. Added Android 12 and 13 support. Note Android 10 and older versions no longer supported by Zebra's SDK.

Version - 01/2022

  1. Firmware update support added via FCDAT firmware file (contains both firmware and device parameter configuration).
  2. Support added to only see Zebra Bluetooth devices on the available device list. Implementation filters using the OS' available devices list and only shows devices with Zebra's vendor ID.

Version - 04/2021

  1. Enhanced “Virtual Tether” support to include host feedback in the Android SDK and Scanner Control App.
  2. Added support for SSI over CDC.
  3. Bug fix now able to successfully change the scanner beeper volume from low to high.
  4. Added support enabling 2 com ports simultaneously for ZETI and SSI in “commonio” library.

Version - 01/2021

  1. Changed how the STC barcode is generated. It no longer uses the Bluetooth MAC address to generate the STC barcode. Instead, the STC barcode is generated with a unique Zebra pairing ID.
  2. Added Virtual tethering support.
  3. Added BTLE support to STC supported com protocols.

Version - 10/2020

  1. Added Android 11 support.
  2. Bug fix - Fixed scanner Bluetooth pairing issue with Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy 10 and Samsung Note 10.

Version - 07/2020

  1. Simplified corded (USB) scanner connection in the Scanner Control App (SCA) - Users no longer must enter the Bluetooth address if using a corded scanner
  2. Simplified entry of Bluetooth address at initial launch of the Scanner Control App (SCA). Now app only accepts valid range of characters when entering Bluetooth (MAC) address of phone into app.
  3. Updated SDK to Google lib and removed redundant older library called gson.
  4. Added support for CS6080 Bluetooth scanner (Classic Bluetooth and BTLE).

Version - 04/2020

  1. Faster wireless firmware update for select scanners over the Bluetooth Classic communication protocol. See 123Scan's release notes per scanner for product support details.

Version - 01/2020

  1. Scanner Control App (SCA) - Added image and video capture functionality to the Advanced tab.

Version - 10/2019

  1. Added Android 10 support.
  2. Added AndroidX library structure support.
  3. Improved device discovery, which improved thread management.

Version - 08/2019

  1. Bug fix - Fixed and issue in SDK, a crash with unclosed threads.

Version - 06/2019

  1. Bug fix - Fixed an issue with writing a RFID tag (send the correct RMD packet, and correct data type for RFID tag reads).

Version - 04/2019

  1. Scanner Control App (SCA) - Added scale support on DataView tab for MP class scanners.

Version - 10/2018

  1. More stable and fast Video capture over SNAPI communication protocol.
  2. Android 9 "Pie" support.

Version - 08/2018

  1. Added support for Image capture, Video capture and Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) over USB cable using SNAPI communication protocol.
  2. Bug fix - Bluetooth (LE) Low Energy communication now more reliable and faster (i.e. firmware update is faster).

Version - 05/2018

  1. Fixed critical security vulnerability reported by Android bug.

Version - 04/2018

  1. Optimized text of enter Bluetooth MAC address screen.
  2. Optimized pair barcode presentation when shown on tablet in landscape mode.

Version - 01/2018

  1. Image Capture support.
  2. Scan Speed Analytics in Scanner Control application.

Version - 07/2017

  1. Bluetooth LE support.
  2. Cascaded device support.

Version - 01/2017

  1. Android 7.x support.
  2. DS8178 and DS2278 support.

Version - 09/2016

  1. Firmware update support.
  2. New Scanner Control application.

Version - 06/2016

  1. ScanToConnect paring barcode support.
  2. USB SNAPI scanner support.

Version - 10/2015

  1. Initial SDK release.