Best Practices and Guides

Downloadable documents and links to Zebra-recommended best practices and guides for tackling common issues.

Android Version Migration

Contains an overview of the resources available for developers for migrating from one Android version to another, including links to version-specific changes and app-change requirements.


Provides guidance and best practices for DataWedge application development, including performance optimization and various use cases for optimal user experience.

Kiosk Persistence After an Enterprise Reset

Describes how to preserve settings following an Enterprise Reset on a persistence-enabled device that implements a secure Android launcher and/or its Kiosk Mode feature deployed using the Zebra StageNow administration tool or an enterprise mobile management (EMM) system such as those from SOTI or AirWatch (specific instructions provided).


Describes how to deliver OS updates and security patches to Zebra Android devices.

Persistence for EMMs

Provides guidance on how to persist apps, settings and data following an Enterprise Reset, while preserving an EMM agent and its related data and services.


Explores common performance and stability mistakes made by developers and describes methods for avoiding them. Also covers practices for creating the best user experience for customers and how to get the most from Zebra value-added features.

Reducing Outbound Network Traffic from Zebra Android Devices

A guide to traffic-generating apps and services preinstalled on Zebra devices, how to disable them, and the possible ramifications of doing so.

SimulScan Migration

A guide to SimulScan features that are migrated to NextGen SimulScan, now integrated into the internal scanning framework on Zebra devices.


This section provides guideslines for administration and application development on WS50.

Zebra Device Licensing

This section lists the apps and features included with Zebra Professional and Enterprise devices and describes the process of purchasing and applying a Mobile DNA Enterprise license to upgrade a Zebra Professional device for access to Enterprise-grade features.