About Scanner SDK for iOS


The Zebra Scanner SDK for iOS is provided as a static library that can be linked to a custom iOS application. The static library provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to provide the communication facilities required to operate a supported Zebra scanner on the iOS platform. The SDK provides the capability to manage connections, configure connected scanners, perform various operations with connected scanners, and to obtain information about connected scanners.

Supported Devices

  • CS6080
  • DS2278-HC
  • DS2278-SR
  • DS3678-DPA
  • DS3678-DPX
  • DS8178-HC
  • DS8178-SR
  • LI3678-ER
  • LI3678-SR
  • RFD8500 RFID Reader
  • RS5100
  • Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner

The following MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) Zebra scanners are currently supported by the iOS SDK.

Table 1 Supported Zebra Scanners

Zebra Scanner Configuration
RFD8500 Bluetooth MFi Server mode, with primary mode set to MFI SSI

The following Bluetooth low energy Zebra scanners currently supported by the iOS SDK.

Table 2 Supported Zebra Scanners

Zebra Scanner Configuration
DS3678 SSI over Bluetooth low energy
LI3678 SSI over Bluetooth low energy
DS8178 SSI over Bluetooth low energy

NOTE: To configure a device in the mode specified, refer to the appropriate Product Reference Guide, User Guide, or Integration Guide.

Table 3 Pairing Modes

Scanner Model Paring Barcode
Legacy STC Manual Pairing
LI3678 No Yes Yes
DS3678 No Yes Yes
CS4070 No No Yes
RFD8500 No No Yes
DS8178 Yes Yes Yes

System Requirements

The following system requirements are necessary in order to develop, test, and execute applications using the Zebra Scanner SDK for iOS:

  • Xcode 6, or later.
  • iOS SDK 8.0, or later.
  • Zebra Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS.
  • iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 or later.

Version History

Version 1.4.32 - 01/2022

  1. Fixed Scan-To-Connect (STC) barcode issue on the Scanner Control App (SCA). STC barcode now, again defaults to the Bluetooth LE (BLE) comm protocol.

Version 1.4.31 - 10/2021

  1. Enhanced the Scanner Control App by adding a Scan-To-Connect (STC) barcode to the home screen.
  2. Enhanced the Scanner Control App based on Apple’s API directive, we removed the "UIAlertView" API and replaced with Apple’s recommended "UIAlertControl".

Version 1.4.30 - 08/2021

  1. Enhanced the Scanner Control app by adding “Virtual Tether” host side feedback (beeper, LED, vibration) when scanner goes out of range.
  2. Enhanced the Scanner Control app. For scanners connected to host manually (not using STC barcode) adding option to auto reconnect scanners.
  3. Bug fix – Fixed a virtual tether alarm issue. Now upon reconnection of the scanner to the host, the virtual tether alarm stops.

Version 1.4.27 - 04/2021

  1. Enhanced “Virtual Tether” support to include host feedback (vibrate, message popup, LED and beeper) in the iOS SDK and Scanner Control App.
  2. Removed Bluetooth device friendly name support from the Scanner SDK and from the Scanner Control App (SCA).
  3. Fixed MFi device reconnect issue after firmware update.

Version 1.4.23 - 01/2021

  1. Removed Bluetooth device friendly name support from the Scanner SDK and from the Scanner Control App (SCA).

Version 1.4.19 - 10/2020

  1. Added iOS 14 support.
  2. Simplified setup of STC (Scan-To-Connect) pairing process for cordless BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) scanner. Utility automatically generates unique pairing sequence. Users no longer must enter the Bluetooth MAC Address from host iOS device into app.

Version 1.4.15 - 07/2020

  1. Added support for CS6080 Bluetooth scanner (Classic Bluetooth and BTLE).
  2. Added support for manufacturer data format (kCBAdvDataManufacturerData). Manuracturing data format was introduced by Apple with iOS v12.

Version 1.4.9 - 04/2020

  1. Faster wireless firmware update for select scanners over the Bluetooth Classic communication protocol. See 123Scan’s release notes per scanner for product support details.

Version 1.4.8 - 01/2020

  1. Firmware update improvements

    1. Loading firmware is skipped if firmware to be loaded is already present on the device.
    2. Enhanced firmware failure handling including new error messages.
  2. Performance improvement when initially discovering Zebra scanners.
  3. Added support for CS6080 cordless Bluetooth scanner.

Version 1.4.7 - 06/2019

  1. Added MFi certification to iOS SDK for DS8178.
  2. Added iOS 13 support.

Version 1.4.6 - 11/2018

  1. Added iOS v12 support.
  2. Bluetooth Low Energy (SSI LE) High Security feature support.

Version 1.4.5 - 06/2018

  1. Enable AutoReconnect for MFi scanners.

Version 1.3.9 - 01/2018

  1. Added iOS 11 support.
  2. DS2278 and DS8178 support added.
  3. CS4070 firmware update support.

Version 1.2.0 - 09/2016

  1. SDK Changes,

    1. Aim control supported.
    2. Page motor supported.
    3. Firmware update supported.
    4. STC supported for BTLE scanners.

Version 1.1.0 - 02/2016

  1. Demo Application changes.

    1. Demo App name changed from “Zebra Scanner” to “Zebra Scanner Control”.
    2. Enhanced pairing and connection instructions.
    3. Miscellaneous user interface improvements.
    4. Release trigger button is disabled when connected to a CS4070 only.
    5. Button to permanently set Symbologies removed when connected to a CS4070 only.
    6. LED control button removed from Active scanner info section when connected to a RFD8500 only.
    7. Default communication mode set to MFi.

Version 1.0.0 - 10/2015

  1. Initial Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS release.