DEX Scan & Pair 2.0


This section provides instructions on connecting a mobile computer to the DEX30 Bluetooth accessory.

Pairing to the DX30

To pair:

  1. On the mobile computer open the Apps screen.
  2. Tap DEX Scan & Pair. The app home screen appears. Figure 1. Welcome screen
  3. Tap Start.
    Important: If Bluetooth is not enabled, a dialog appears requesting to turn on Bluetooth. Tap Allow. Figure 2. Instruction screen - step 1
  4. On the DEX30, press the release button to open the DEX connector.
  5. On the mobile computer, tap Next. Figure 3. Instruction screen - step 2
  6. On the DX30, hold the Bluetooth connection button down for five seconds. The blue light flashes for a second, stops flashing, and then continues to flash indicating the DX30 is ready to pair.
  7. On the mobile computer, tap Next. The mobile computer beeps twice indicating that scanning is enabled. Figure 4. Instruction screen - step 3
  8. Scan the MAC Address barcode on the DX30.
  9. If scanning fails, the mobile computer beeps five times and a pairing failed message appears. Touch the back button to return to the previous screen. Figure 5. Pairing failed
  10. The mobile computer begins pairing with the DX30. Figure 6. Pairing in progress
  11. After successfully pairing, the Pairing Successful message appears. Figure 7. Pairing successful
  12. Tap Exit.

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