Migrating to Android 13



Android 13 will present some potential challenges for organizations planning to migrate their Zebra SDM660 platform devices from earlier Android versions. The move requires conversion from full-disk to file-based encryption, which means that all device apps, data and settings must be erased from target devices. To simplify migration and preserve device data, Zebra is developing a unique process that can save up to 3GB of data from devices prior to migration, and automatically restore it afterward.

This guide covers migration scenarios in which data preservation is NOT required. If data preservation is required, Zebra recommends delaying migration to Android 13 until release of the new process, which is expected in early 2Q23.

Check this page for regular updates.

All device data is erased when upgrading SDM660 devices to Android 13 except data in the /enterprise partition.

Upgrade to A-13 (data loss)

Upgrading to Android 13 is supported only on Zebra TC21 devices at this time. Other models will follow as Android 13 becomes available. During the upgrade process, an Enterprise Reset is performed, removing all device data except that stored in the /enterprise partition. The process is otherwise identical to that of a traditional upgrade (shown below).

The following instructions are for Zebra StageNow, and should be modified accordingly if using an EMM system or Zebra OEMConfig.

Upgrading to Android 13:

1. Download the Android 13 OS image appropriate for the device:

2. Push the OS image to the device(s) by any available means (adb, StageNow, EMM, etc.)

3. Create a Profile with Power Manager to perform an OSUpdate

Success is indicated when device boots with Android 13. Follow EMM enrollment and additional provisioning procedures as desired.


  • LifeGuard Over the Air is not supported for Android 13 OS image deployment until 2Q23
  • Zebra has successfully tested persistence only when using Zebra Persist Manager
  • Persistence by means other than Zebra PersistMgr cannot be guaranteed
  • Upgrades to Android 13 are supported only from devices running Android 8, 9, 10 or 11