Sample App

Mobile Parcel 1.0


Mobile Parcel sample app demonstrates the use of Mobile Parcel Dimensioning APIs in a Line of Business Application (LOB). There are 2 versions of this sample app available: Java and Xamarin.


  • Android 11 or higher
  • See Zebra Support Portal for the supported devices list
  • Dimensioning Framework (pre-installed on supported Zebra mobile computers)


Download the sample app source code.

APIs Used

APIs used in this sample app:

  • ENABLE_DIMENSION - Starts the Dimensioning service and configures the time-of-flight (ToF) camera for dimensioning.
  • GET_DIMENSION - Presents the Mobile Parcel UI layout on top of the line of business (LOB) app and sends dimensioning results back to the app.
  • GET_DIMENSION_PARAMETER - Reports the parameter values supported by the Mobile Parcel API.
  • SET_DIMENSION_PARAMETER - Sets parameters supported by the Mobile Parcel API.
  • DISABLE_DIMENSION - Releases all Dimensioning service resources, including camera hardware.

See Mobile Parcel API documentation for further information.

Using This Sample

The sample app allows the user to start/stop dimensioning. The resulting dimension values are in specified units (inch or cm). Download, build and deploy the sample app to the device, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the sample app on the device. The main screen appears and the length, height and width are initialized. image Tap Start Dimensioning.
  2. The camera screen appears, ready to start dimensioning. Place the object within the field of view and tap the button to capture the dimensions of the object. image
  3. The dimensions are captured and confirmation is requested. Tap Confirm. image
  4. The dimension values are displayed on the main screen. image

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