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Zebra OEMinfo


Zebra OEMinfo is a service included with Zebra devices that provides app developers with a simple, unified and secure method of programmatically determining device capabilities and settings. OEMinfo Content Provider Framework provides a set of APIs through which Zebra publishes information about a given device for consumption by apps running on the device. Based on publicly specified Android interfaces, OEMinfo can help an app determine whether a feature or operation it needs to perform is likely to be successful.

Scope and Audience

This guide describes major components of the OEMinfo Content Provider Framework, and includes methods for configuring an app to consume content through OEMinfo APIs. It is intended for software developers, administrators and other technical users designing apps that could benefit by acquiring information about device capabilities of the Zebra device on which they are running.

Device Support

OEMinfo is supported on all Zebra devices running...

For best results, Zebra recommends using OEMinfo or later.

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