Frequently Asked Questions

Zebra DNA Cloud 2.9

Common Questions and Known Issues

This section contains frequently asked questions and known issues in the current release.

For help using zDNA Cloud or to report an issue, please contact Zebra support.

I just installed Android 13 on my device. Why isn't it manageable anymore?

When first booting (or rebooting from either a cold boot or hard reset), all Zebra devices running Android 13 (or later) must be unlocked (using PIN, password or pattern) before the DNA Cloud client app will launch and enable device management. This issue also applies to some 6490-plarform devices running Android 11.

Why do my older settings Profiles fail when applied to devices with Android 13?

Settings Profiles created with DNA Cloud 2.7 or earlier CANNOT target devices running Android 13 without modfication. To update an older Profile for Android 13, locate the Profile in the Device Settings section and select the "Edit" Action (see below). No Profile changes are required; simply page through Profile screens and resave to enable targeting of all supported Android platforms.


Why are some devices shown with a warning symbol?

The icon appears next to devices that contain out-of-date DNA Cloud device software or were enrolled using a barcode created with an older version of the DNA Cloud console.

The remedy for either scenario is to select "Update zDNA Client" for the affected devices.

Why am I no longer able to edit settings in an existing Profile?

It's possible that the Tenant Owner made a change to a connected service being accessed the Profile, rendering the Profile "read-only" by Administrative Users.

To resolve this condition, the Tenant Owner must edit the Profile(s) so they contain the new connected service information. See My Services notes for more information.

Why do I see a "Google Drive login required; configurable by Tenant Owner only" message?

If a Tenant Owner logs out of a connected service (such as Google Drive), all users are denied access to that service until the Tenant Owner logs in again.

Why am I unable to remap the programmable keys on the Zebra Enterprise Keyboard?

When creating a managed configuration for Zebra's Enterprise Keyboard soft input panel, remapping its programmable keys currently requires two backslash ("\\") characters (rather than one, as documented). Zebra engineers are working on a fix for this known issue.

Why are there duplicate or missing managed configuration values in my setup Profile?

Deploying a managed configuration (MC) generated from a newer version of a third-party app schema can cause duplicate or missing MC values to be displayed in the "Review" and "Apply" pages of a setup Profile of an older version of the app.

Why does some UI text become misaligned?

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Resizing browser windows sometimes causes text to render incorrectly or appear out of alignment. This has no effect on entered data, and can be remedied by keeping windows at (or restoring them to) their original size.

Why can't I scan the zDNA enrollment barcode from the screen?

The ability to scan a barcode displayed on a monitor is subject to a number of factors. If you're unable to scan a barcode from the screen, try these changes to the display parameters:

  • Increase the screen brightness
  • Increase or decrease the display resolution
  • Increase the browser magnification (to enlarge the barcode)

Why did the device fail to enroll after scanning the enrollment barcode?

Enrollment failure sometimes occurs if network connectivity is down or the zDNA Cloud server is temporarily unavailable when the barcode is scanned.

As a remedy, use a network diagnostics tool (i.e. Ping) to verify internet connectivity and availability of the zDNA server and scan again. If still enrollment fails, generate a new barcode and try scanning again.

If enrollment continues to fail, one of the following might be at fault:

  • The Wi-Fi section of the enrollment Profile contains an invalid setting
  • The device is already in Device Owner mode
  • The LifeGuard Over-the-Air service is not installed or not running
  • GMS services are disabled or not present

Why are some features unavailable on my enrolled device(s)?

Devices intended to be fully managed using Zebra DNA Cloud must perform a factory reset before enrollment into the system to ensure that all features work correctly. This requirement is not applicable to devices managed using a third-party EMM solution and that use Zebra DNA Cloud to deploy Zebra apps and OS updates, monitor battery health and perform other administrative functions.

Why is battery health info in the DNA Cloud console different than that displayed on the device?

Info in the Battery health screen sometimes differs from that shown on the device. Zebra engineers are working on a fix for this known issue.

Why are errors displayed when I try to configure NFC settings?

Configuring NFC settings sometimes displays an error despite being applied properly on the device. Zebra engineers are working on a fix for this known issue.

Why are my Android Update selections being overwritten?

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When setting up an Android Update for multiple device models, it's important to select the desired updates working starting from the top of the device list and working downward toward the bottom. If an update is selected for a device that's lower in the list before selections are made for the ones above it, that update is applied to all devices in the list, overwriting any selections made later. Zebra engineers are working on a remedy for this anomaly.

Why do tool tips sometimes overlap?

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In the image above, the tip in the foreground is pointing to a link that is hidden by the tip underneath. This can be resolved by dismissing the underlying tip after checking the "Hide this tip next time" box.

Why do buttons sometimes overlap?

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In crowded boxes or other UI elements, buttons sometimes overlap and block the content underneath. Zebra engineers continue to fine-tune the user interface to remedy such occurrences.

Why do some of my applied Profiles remain "In-Progress?"

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If the status of a Profile remains "In-Progress" for a long period of time, check for a "Wipe Data Option" in the Profile. If the selected option was "Primary Data" (see image, above), the status of that Profile will never reach "Success" because device data was erased before the zDNA client app could report that the job had completed successfully. Re-enrolling the device perpetuates this endless loop.

To resolve this issue, remove the Profile before re-enrolling effected devices.

Zebra recommends avoiding the "Data Wipe Option" for removing primary device data unless full erasure is the desired outcome. In such cases, data wipe should be the last Action in the Profile.

Why are some of my administrative users misidentified in the system?

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Administrative users (which can be added only by the Tenant Owner) might also be identified as a Tenant owner.

Why do new administrative users have to use the "Forgot Password" feature?

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When creating new Admin Users, there's no field for entering their initial password. When first logging in, Admin Users MUST use the "Forgot Password?" function to set up a password.

For help using zDNA Cloud or to report an issue, please contact Zebra support.

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