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The Zebra Data Service (ZDS) system is a set of background services running on all supported Zebra devices and is responsible for collecting and uploading analytics data coming from ZDS plug-ins and Zebra-authorized third-party apps. Data is uploaded to the Zebra analytics database every 24 hours by default with transport secured with HTTPS. ZDS accepts configuration changes to the upload interval, data-collection events and other parameters through a barcode scanned by the device. Learn more about changing ZDS parameters.

ZDS components are self-updating to ensure that devices contain the most up-to-date features and bug-fixes.
Learn more about ZDS updates.

Available Reports

The image below shows some of the reports available for visualizing data collected from devices within an organization.

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Data Collected

  • Device "Build Fingerprint" including:
    • Device model number
    • Android version
    • Build ID
  • Device serial number
  • Device usage data
  • OS image, LifeGuard and security patch levels applied
  • Available RAM
  • Low-RAM events
  • Device storage (flash) information and health
  • Battery life and health information
  • Battery charge/discharge status
  • Battery errors
  • Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection events
  • Airplane Mode usage
  • Screen brightness min, max and average
  • Cellular (WWAN) connection events (if applicable)
  • Static MAC address
  • Minimum, maximum and average WWAN signal levels NEW
  • Battery scale (maximum charge level) data NEW
  • Device Name NEW
  • Details about application crashes (fatal exceptions) †¶ NEW
  • Device hardware part numberNEW
  • Data traffic statistics (as applicable) for:
    • Bluetooth
    • Cellular (WWAN)
    • Ethernet
    • Wi-Fi (WLAN)
  • Location data (as applicable) for:
    • Cellular
    • GPS
    • Wi-Fi (WLAN)
    • WWAN signal strength fluctuations
  • System app info and usage
  • Zebra app info and usage data, including for:
    • DataWedge
    • Enterprise Home Screen
    • EMDK for Android
    • EMDK for Xamarin
    • MX STATS
    • SimulScan
    • StageNow
  • Scanner information and usage statistics
  • Reboots triggered by the system or an app
  • Application Not Responding (ANR) events
  • Data collected ONLY when enabled by administrator:
    • Auto rotate setting in device usage NEW
    • Bluetooth scanner battery stats NEW
    • CPU utilization by app*
    • Device entry into doze mode and/or maintenance window
    • Device free-fall detection events
    • Device unlock events
    • Dynamic MAC addresses in WLAN info
    • Minimum, maximum and average WLAN signal levels NEW
    • Storage space utilization by app*

* Supported only on devices running Android 10 or later
† Supported only on devices running Android 11 or later
‡ Supported only on devices running Android 13 or later
¶ Requires LifeGuard update coming Nov. 2023

Learn about battery scale from the Android developer community.

ZDS Support Notes

  • Data collection is enabled by default
  • Data collection and upload frequency is configurable (default is once every 15 days)
  • ZDS is compatible with all Zebra devices running Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and later
  • ZDS comes preinstalled on most devices with Android 7.x (and later)
  • Installation might be required for devices running Android 4.4, Android 5.x (Lollipop) and later Android versions
  • Zebra offers active ZDS support for devices running Android 6.x (Marshmallow) and later
  • Battery Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimates are most accurate on devices running Android 7, 8, 10 and later. More info

Please contact Zebra Support for more information.

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