Deployment of Bioptic Color Camera SDK for Python (Linux)


This document provides installation and programming information that allow Bioptic Color and Monochrome camera enabled application development for Linux operating system using Python.

This provides step-by-step instructions to import the Camera SDK module inside python applications to work with the MP7 Color / monochrome Camera.

The Camera SDK for python supports building Python v3.6 based application supported for Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 64bit) operating system.

The Camera SDK for python package includes a python modules and wrapper( that enables development of Python v3.6 based Color Camera applications. Python sample applications show how to access the camera SDK python modules to access functionality or feature of Camera.

Installation of Camera SDK for Python (Linux)


  • Python v3.6
  • Python3-opencv

    sudo pip3 install opencv-python
  • zebra-camra-sdk – installer package - zebra-camera-sdk.x.x.x-xx.deb
  • zebra-camera-sdk-python – installer package ( bioptic_color_camera_sdk_python3.6_x.x.x_x86_64bit.deb)

Installation of zebra-camera-sdk on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Before installing the zebra-camera-sdk packages, you need to remove (uninstall) any previous zebra-camera-sdk package if you have installed. You can use below command to do so.

sudo dpkg -r zebra-camera-sdk

You could use dpkg -l | grep zebra-camera-sdk to check whether you have any previous installation of zebra-camera-sdk. Install zebra-camera-sdk using following command on terminal.

sudo dpkg -i zebra-camera-sdk.1.0.0-13.deb 

Use sudo ldconfig command to update library database.

Installation of zebra-camera Python Package on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Uninstall previous version of zebra-camera python package using following command or execute.

sudo dpkg -r zebraCamera

Install zebra camera python package using following commands

sudo dpkg -i bioptic_color_camera_sdk_python3.6_x.x.x_x86_64bit.deb

Execute Camera

Execute following command to run camera-service used by zebra-camera-sdk

sudo  systemctl start camera-service

Use following command to stop camera-service

sudo systemctl stop camera-service

Verify Installation

Execute following code snippet python script and it should print version of python wrapper.

from zebraCamera import zebraMultiClient as zcam
print("Zebra Python Wrapper Version - " + zcam.WrapperLibVersion())