Zebra Data Service Setup



ZDS comes preinstalled on most supported devices and Android versions (some devices running KitKat require ZDS to be installed manually). On factory-fresh devices (or immediately following a Factory Reset), the Zebra Data Service (ZDA) End-user License Agreement (EULA) wizard appears after the Android Setup Wizard, and in most cases allows ZDS to be turned off (see Check ZDS Status below). To confirm installation and activation, use the instructions below. Contact Zebra Support for information about manual ZDS installation.

IMPORTANT: Bypassing the Android Setup Wizard also bypasses the EULA Setup Wizard.

Data Access

Data is collected and can be viewed by participating Zebra customers and partners in the form of Zebra Foresight reports if ALL FOUR of the following requirements are met on all relevant Zebra Android devices:

  • ELIGIBILITY - Device(s) must support ZDS agent software. Most Zebra Android devices with KitKat (or later) come with ZDS preinstalled. See all supported devices.
  • ENABLEMENT - ZDS agent software must be enabled on the device. Eligible devices are shipped with ZDS enabled by default. See the Setup guide for more info.
  • CONNECTIVITY - Device(s) must be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours to allow data upload.
  • PERMISSION - The organization's firewall must allow communication with the Zebra data collection server at:
    • ZDS Server #1:
    • URL: https://analytics.zebra.com
    • IP Address:
    • Port: 443
    • ZDS Server #2:
    • URL: https://device-https.savannacore.zebra.com
    • IP Address:
    • Port: 443
      This server uses Certificate-based Mutual Authentication.

Zebra recommends using DNS server names (instead of IP addresses) when whitelisting (aka "allowlisting") to avoid service interruptions and required router changes if IP addresses change in the future.

NOTE: If Foresight reports appear blank or devices are missing from the reports, confirm that ALL FOUR of the above requirements are met before contacting support.

Check ZDS Status

Zebra Data Service agent software is enabled by default on all devices on which it is preinstalled. To confirm that the agent is present and running on a device, display the ZDS toggle (On/Off) switch or display a list of all running apps and services and select the agent to view its status. Instructions for both methods are below.

Access ZDS toggle switch

  1. In the Settings panel, locate and tap the "Zebra" button.
    This brings up the ZDS info screen: image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.
  2. Set the toggle switch as desired ("On" is shown at right, above).
    NOTE: Data collection cannot be disabled on some devices, including the TC20 and TC25.
  3. If desired, scroll down to see the last upload event and a partial list of the data being collected: image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.
  4. Tap the left-pointing arrow to exit the panel.

NOTE: Data collection cannot be disabled on some devices, including the TC20 and TC25.

List all running services

  1. In the Settings panel, locate and tap the "Apps" button.
    This displays a list of all apps and services on the device: image Zebra Data Service as in Settings > Apps > on older (above, center) and newer devices.
    Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.
  2. Scroll the list until the ZDS components are shown (as shown above).
  3. Tap on a service to view its status and options:
    image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.
  4. Tap on an option to view (or change, if supported) settings as described below:
  • Storage - Display current usage of agent and device data. Options: Clear data, Clear cache.
  • Data Usage - Display total, foreground and background data usage. Options: Enable/disable: background usage of cellular data, unrestricted data usage when Data Saver is enabled.
  • Permissions - Options: Enable/disable use of device storage. Plug-in options: Enable use of Camera, Location, Phone, Storage
  • Notifications - Options: Enable/disable agent notifications; Show notifications without sound and vibration; Override Do Not Disturb setting.
  • Open by default - Reserved for future use.
  • Battery - Display usage statistics.
  • Memory - Display average and current memory usage.
  • App details - Display app origin.
To exit panel, tap left-facing arrow.