About USB Host Manager

Zebra USB Host Manager 1.0


Zebra USB Host Manager (UHM) is an app for Zebra devices running Android that scans and reports details of all USB peripherals connected to supported devices. Using this information, UHM allows administrators to create rules for controlling which USB peripherals can be used on the device. Rules can be created based on device class, vendor ID (VID) and/or product ID (PID), then exported and applied across an enterprise using Zebra StageNow or a company's own EMM system.

Deploying rules that limit the use of USB peripherals can help improve data security and worker productivity. For example, prohibiting the connection of storage devices can help prevent data leaks, and restricting connections to work-related input devices (i.e. keyboards, mice, etc.) helps keep workers focused on business activities.

image The USB Host Manager home screen (above) running on an external monitor through the Zebra Workstation Connect app and cradle.
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image USB Host Manager (light and dark modes) running on handheld devices.
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