A tool to encrypt sensitive data shared between apps.

A centralized way to track Bluetooth peripherals, to pair and unpair peripherals, and to view detailed peripheral information.

About Install Using Device Central

Easily pair the DX30 Bluetooth accessory to a mobile computer for DEX communications

About Installation Configuration

A simple way to control user access to apps, settings and files on Android devices without the need for custom code.

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A customizable soft keyboard made specifically for fast and accurate input by workers in the enterprise.

About Setup Customize Deploy Download

A Windows desktop app for quickly creating custom key and button layouts for Zebra Android apps.

About Setup Usage Guide APIs Download

Zebra offers tools for developers at any skill level to help customers use build apps for Zebra devices that take advantage of their fullest potential.

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A system for Zebra partners and end-users that provides OS-software upgrades and security patches for Zebra devices running Android.

About LifeGuard How to Update a Device FAQs Search

An administrative tool for configuring Zebra Android devices using Android Managed Configurations.

About OEMConfig FAQs Managed Configs Search

Standards-based APIs through which apps can acquire information about Zebra device capabilities and settings.

About OEMinfo Data Consumption Data Publishing FAQs Search

Securely share data within the same app or different apps.

About Using SSM APIs

Enriches our ecosystem providers' dashboard by providing device analytics and voice data, giving insight over the entire infrastructure to proactively identify issues and uncover root cause.

About Install & Setup Licensing Data

A guide to the Zebra Data Service, a background service running on all Zebra devices that collects and uploads analytics data.

About ZDS Setup FAQs Search

An administrator's guide for acquiring and applying software and feature licenses for Zebra devices running Android and Windows Mobile/CE.

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A hardware and software solution that allows Zebra devices running Android to provide a desktop-like experience with external keyboard, monitor and mouse.

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