About Bluetooth Insights

Bluetooth Insights 1.0


Bluetooth Insights (BTI) is a library for Zebra devices running Android that gives apps and/or agents a means of tracking the connection history for Bluetooth peripherals on the device. Bluetooth Insights is designed to help customers better understand the usage patterns of Bluetooth peripherals such as headsets and ring scanners associated with Zebra mobile devices. This can provide greater visibility into the activities of Bluetooth peripherals, easing management and helping improve accountability for peripheral loss.

BTI includes a set of APIs that provide visibility into Bluetooth peripherals associated with Zebra mobile devices. Captured data includes when, where and why a Bluetooth peripheral was last used and/or disconnected, and when it was last paired.

Data Visibility

Bluetooth Insights APIs expose to apps the following information about supported events:

  • Bluetooth peripheral information:
    • Peripheral device type
    • Peripheral device MAC
    • Peripheral device SN (RS5100, RS6000 in SSI mode only)
  • Date and time of:
    • Original pairing of Bluetooth peripheral
    • When peripheral was last connected
    • When peripheral was last disconnected
  • Current peripheral connection state
  • Current peripheral bond (paired) state
  • Possible reason for disconnection:
    • Low battery or power
    • Low or no signal
    • Forced disconnect
  • Change notifications for:
    • Asynchronous connection-less link (ACL) status for a remote device
    • Paired status changes for remote device
  • Reports:
    • Reset of Bluetooth state
    • Crash of a Bluetooth app

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