Frequently Asked Questions

Zebra Workstation Connect 3.1

Q: Is there a cost for Workstation Connect?

A: Sometimes. A ZWC license is included with most Zebra devices. The EXCEPTION is for Professional-series devices, which require the purchase of an MDNA Enterprise License bundle. Learn more.

Q: Can Workstation Connect features be configured using Managed Configurations?

A: Yes, Workstation Connect allows administrators to use Android Managed Configurations to configure many of its features and to customize the desktop environment it presents to users. This can be done through Zebra DNA Cloud or a compatible Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system.

For details, see the Workstation Connect Administrator's Guide beginning on Page 8.

Q: What is the minimum LifeGuard update required on the device for compatibility with ZWC?

A: The minimum required software for using Zebra Workstation Connect varies by device. Please visit the Zebra Support Portal for LG requirements.

Q: Where can I get the latest LifeGuard update?

A: The latest device software is available at the Zebra LifeGuard Updates page on the Zebra Support Portal.

Q: What is the package name of the ZWC app?

A: The ZWC package name is:

  • com.zebra.workstationconnect.release

Q: Where can I get the ZWC app?

A: Zebra Workstation Connect app is available from:

Q: Is the ZWC app required to connect my Zebra device to a keyboard, mouse and external monitor?

A: No. The Zebra Workstation Docking Cradle connects any supported device to the same external peripherals. The ZWC app must be installed only for Desktop Mode, which adds features for enterprise management and user productivity.

Q: Which Zebra devices are supported by Zebra Workstation Connect?

A: For ZWC device support, please see the supported device list.

Q: Are all four (4) USB ports on the TC5X Workstation Docking Cradle the same?

A. No. Three are standard 0.5-AMP USB ports suitable for connecting a keyboard, mouse and other peripherals. The remaining port (left side, toward front) delivers 1.5 AMPs, which also can be used for charging a second device.

Q: What are the "primary" and "secondary" screens?

A: The device's built-in display is sometimes referred to as the "primary" screen. The "secondary" screen refers to the external monitor connected to the Workstation Docking Cradle.

Q: Why doesn't the audio level increase when raising the volume?

A: Increasing audio volume past a certain level sometimes causes a safety warning to be displayed on the primary (device) screen, where it might go unnoticed. If this happens, find the warning and tap "OK" to continue.

Q: Why can't I log into any apps from the external monitor?

A: As a security precaution for apps that require user credentials, log-in dialog boxes do not appear on the secondary screen. Such apps can be used in the secondary screen after the credentials are provided on the primary.

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