About Wireless Insights

Wireless Insights 1.0


Wireless Insights is a service built into to Zebra Android devices that provides visibility to device analytics, roaming performance and voice data. Device agents from select network infrastructure partners collect and analyze the data to enrich their cloud dashboard. The curated data enables administrators to monitor network performance and proactively identify and remedy potential problems before they affect worker productivity. The solution consists of:

  • Wireless Insights - generates data, voice and roaming insights from Wi-Fi data packets collected
  • Vendor-specific dashboard and device agent - from a network infrastructure partner, such as Aruba, Extreme Networks, or Mist

Main Features

Main features of of the solution enabled by Wireless Insights:

  • Monitor the experience and health of Wi-Fi networks to identify issues earlier and help mitigate disruptive incidents.
  • View the network from end to end for complete visibility.
  • Retrieve real-time data and voice analysis across all connected Zebra devices, including:
    • Data analysis – live and synthetic data analysis, location tracking with 802.11mc and root cause analysis.
    • Roaming analysis – characterize and monitor the health of the device, roaming performance and the health of the access points.
    • Voice analysis – live and simulated voice traffic analysis; call quality feedback, including latency, jitter and packet loss; combined Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and connectivity/roaming analysis.
  • Correlation of network and client events to identify root cause and pinpoint the location of performance degradation.
  • Perform passive monitoring and on-demand synthetic testing of devices, with packet capture for offline analysis.

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