Zebra VAS SDK 1.0


NFC Ticket Demo is an application which demonstrates the Apple VAS capabilities on Zebra products supporting ECP 1.0 and ECP 2.0. The demo application is associated with a specific merchant ID for Zebra pass integration on iPhone. Demonstrates how to read an NFC pass from the Apple Wallet.


There are 2 main components for this demo:

  1. Zebra's Apple Pass on the iPhone
  2. Zebra's NFC Ticket Demo application on the certified Zebra Android mobile computer

Install Apple Pass

To install Zebra's Apple Pass on the iPhone:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the internet.
  2. From the right top corner of the home screen, swipe down.
  3. Tap on the scanner icon.
  4. Scan the following QR code:
  5. A URL is launched on the iPhone, connecting with the database for Pass setup.
  6. When prompted, enter information in the fields (e.g. name, email address, phone number).
  7. Follow instructions on the iPhone for pass installation.

Install Zebra VAS Demo

  1. Download the NFC Ticket Demo application and Zebra VAS Service.
  2. Connect the Zebra mobile computer to a host computer.
  3. Copy both .APK files to the mobile computer.
  4. Run the Zebra VAS Service .APK to install the Zebra VAS Service on the mobile computer.
  5. Run the NFC Ticket Demo app .APK to install the demo app on the mobile computer.

Using the Demo

Follow this procedure to operate the demo:

  1. Open NFC Ticket Demo on the certified Zebra mobile computer.

  2. Activate the pass in the Apple Wallet; see Install Apple Pass.

  3. Move the Apple device in close proximity towards the NFC reader on the Zebra mobile computer to read the VAS pass.

    • If the read is successful, a green check enclosed in a green circle is displayed on both the Zebra mobile computer and the iPhone, and the data is displayed on the Zebra mobile computer.

      Zebra mobile computer read successful     Apple iPhone read successful
    • If the read is unsuccessful, the message "Scan Failed, Try Again" is displayed with a red cross.

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