About Zebra VAS SDK



Zebra VAS SDK is an Android library built on top of the existing Android NFC APIs and third party VAS (Value Added Service) protocol, such as Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap. It is designed to build an application to read Apple VAS passes, Google Smart Tap passes, and other NFC technology tags. Zebra VAS SDK includes the following capabilities:

  • When reading NFC passes (e.g. from Apple Wallet or Google Wallet) establish a connection between a certified Zebra mobile computer (equipped with an integrated NFC reader) and the Apple or Google device
  • Extract data from the NFC tag or NFC pass (stored in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet).
  • Retrieve the extracted data into the Android application on the Zebra mobile computer

VAS is a protocol designed to process NFC passes (such as event tickets, boarding passes, or loyalty cards) stored in mobile wallets. When an NFC pass is stored in the Apple or Google wallet, it enables easy access and utilization of the pass, granting users flexibility and convenience. Organizations seeking to process implement passes collaborate either directly with Apple or Google to acquire the necessary permissions, or partner with a provider capable of issuing such passes.

To use the NFC pass, the user aligns the NFC antennas between their Apple or Google device and the integrated NFC reader on a certified Zebra mobile computer. The devices detect the NFC signal, automatically activating the pass stored in the Apple or Google Wallet. The pass is processed and validated on the mobile computer by the Android application developed using Zebra VAS SDK.

Important Notes

  • Zebra VAS SDK does not provide any of the capabilities or functionalities to create mobile wallet passes. NFC pass creation is outside of the scope of this SDK and this guide.
  • The NFC antennas must align between the Zebra mobile computer and the smartphone or smartwatch:
    • On the iPhone, the NFC antenna is typically located on the back of the device.
    • On the Apple Watch, the NFC antenna is typically located on the top of the device.
    • On Android devices, the NFC antenna is typically located on the back of the device towards the top.
    • On Zebra mobile computers, refer to the device product manual in the Zebra support portal to identify the location of the NFC antenna for the device.

New in VAS SDK 2.0


  • Download and install Zebra VAS SDK from Zebra support portal. The download includes the NFC Ticket Demo application and Zebra VAS Service.
  • One of the following devices:
    • Apple device that supports Apple Wallet with Apple VAS capabilities, for example:
      • iPhone
      • Apple Watch
    • Google device that supports Google Wallet with Smart Tap capabilities, for example:
      • Android
      • Android Smart Watch
  • Certified Zebra mobile computer (with integrated NFC reader) for VAS devices, see the Zebra Support Portal for supported devices
  • Optional: NFC tag that supports either of the following tag technologies: NfcA, NfcB, NfcF, NfcV, IsoDep, Ndef

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