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Device Drop-downs for MX-feature Filtering

Some Zebra devices come with a subset of MX features. The SmartDocs bar in the MX feature matrix now presents a drop-down for filtering the matrix to show only the features included with a device or device family.

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Zebra takes device security seriously. That's why the company has released DET and SSM, a pair of system-level tools and APIs that provide end-to-end encryption for data moving into, out of, and between apps on all Zebra devices.

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Zebra DNA Cloud is an administrative solution for managing and configuring Zebra devices and apps. Similar to Zebra StageNow, DNA Cloud leverages the power of Zebra MX, employes a simple UI, and can stand alone or work with a company's existing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system. It also performs licensing and many other administrative tasks.

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Mobile Parcel is a new solution that automatically measures packages and delivers their physical dimensions to an app for processing. Docs include complete usage instructions, those for usage of APIs based on Android intents, and a sample app to demonstrate how it can all be done.

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Many TechDocs users have asked for better searching, which made us think that a short tutorial was needed. This video is embedded on every TechDocs search page.

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TechDocs is the main documentation site for Zebra developer tools and enterprise solutions. This video provides a general overview of the TechDocs user interface and documents many of the site's main features.

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