Getting Started

If you are just getting started, follow the guides below to get your development environment setup properly and understand the foundations for using Enterprise Browser features.


Instructions and link for downloading Enterprise Browser.

Set Up and Deploy

Instructions for installing Enterprise Browser on a Mac or Windows computer, prepping a development host for making apps and deploying apps throughout an enterprise.


How to obtain Enterprise Browser license(s) required for each device being deployed.

Using The APIs

How to use JavaScript in your app to access device capabilities exposed through Enterprise Browser APIs.

Hello EB Tutorial

A step-by-step guide for building a simple Enterprise Browser app from scratch.

Feature Demo

Showcases the key capabilities of Zebra devices available through Enterprise Browser.

Sample Apps

A list of fully functional apps that demonstrate the most common APIs; they can be modified as needed for an organization.

Starting an Application

Explains the Config.xml file, which contains the Enterprise Browser runtime settings required for any EB app to run as desired.

Migration from Other Platforms

Explains all the available options for moving from competitive or legacy platforms to Enterprise Browser.


Suggestions for optimizing the footprint and runtime performance of an Enterprise Browser app.