Apps built by Zebra to help corporate end-users increase productivity in the workplace and improve efficiency of their workflows.

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An app for Zebra Android and Windows devices that provides barcode scanning and processing services for virtually any other app on the device.

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The Enterprise Mobility Developer Kit includes Java sample projects using EMDK APIs, Data Capture, Profile Manager, etc.

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Use C# APIs such as Data Capture and Profile Manager to build Android applications for Zebra devices.

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A platform for building apps that work with virtually any Zebra device using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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The Link-OS SDK makes creating powerful printer apps simple and straightforward.

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Zebra’s Mobility DNA - an added layer of enterprise-class security and manageability for Android devices.

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A GUI-based tool for capturing log information from system and application events in a Zebra device.

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A tool for simultaneously capturing scanned data from multiple regions of a label or document.

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The easy way to set up and mass-deploy Zebra Technologies' Android-based mobile computers.

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