Zebra DNA Cloud Licensing

Zebra DNA Cloud 3.13


This section covers the acquisition, application and management of Zebra DNA Cloud (ZDNA) licenses acquired from Zebra or through a Zebra reseller. For Zebra MDNA products, please visit the Zebra MDNA Licensing Process page.

Not yet ready to buy? Request an evaluation license.

Licensing Behavior

  • After licenses are acquired, all license allocations are managed in the ZDNA system.
  • Devices not connected at the time a license action is executed are updated the next time they come online.
  • If a device was licensed in ZDNA as a part of a group, disassociating the device from that group automatically reclaims the license and returns it to the pool of available licenses.
  • Removing a Group from the License Allocation screen automatically reclaims licenses from all devices in that Group and returns them to the pool.
  • License actions are executed immediately upon exiting the ZDNA Licensing section.

Licensing issues? The ZDNA FAQ might have the answer.

Evaluation License

Zebra offers time-limited trial licenses to allow companies to evaluate the performance of Zebra solutions in their environment.

  • Customers, partners and distributors: Request through a Zebra account manager or sales engineer
  • Zebra account managers and sales engineers: Submit requests using SFDC forms
  • Zebra engineers and other Zebra employees and contractors: Submit a request in the Zebra ServiceNOW portal

I. Contact a Reseller

Zebra licenses are obtained through Zebra resellers or (in some cases) directly from Zebra.

To begin, select an option:

II. Locate CLS ID

After licensing ZDNA (through one of the contacts above), a confirmation email is sent with the Cloud Licensing Server identification (CLS ID) embedded within a URL (see image, below).

image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

For more information, please contact your company administrator, Zebra/reseller contact or other authority.

III. Add and Apply Licenses

NOTICE: Each CLS ID may be used by ONE Tenant in ONE Instance of ZDNA.
Applying licenses in any other way is a violation of your Zebra Licensing Agreement.

After logging into your Zebra DNA Cloud server:

1. In the Licensing section, Click "Add License" button:
It might be necessary to click the "Refresh" button to fetch the most recent licensing transaction(s). image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

2. Enter the "CLS ID" provided by Zebra via email during license acquisition: image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

3. Click "Allocate" to select device(s) to be licensed: image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

4. Select one of the following license application options:

  • "Auto assignment" allocates by device enrollment date; earliest first:
    Zebra recommends this option for an "automated" licensing experience; licenses (as available) are automatically allocated at enrollment. image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

  • "By device model" allocates to one or more device models: image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

  • "By device group" allocates to one or more device Groups created by your organization: image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

  • "By device serial number" allocates to devices individually by device serial number:
    NOTE: Devices already licensed will appear with a check mark. image Click image to enlarge; ESC to exit.

5. When finished making selection, Click "Allocate" to apply settings.

License actions are applied immediately and system is ready to use.

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