Wireless Insights 1.0


This section discusses the process of obtaining a Wireless Insights license. See Configuration to apply the license to devices.


License activation requires ALL THREE of the following:

  1. One or more license keys (aka Activation IDs) purchased for the target device(s) and/or app(s).
  2. One or more supported Zebra device(s) with the License Manager app installed:
    • Android: License Manager 3.1.1 or later (pre-installed on supported devices)
  3. Device(s) must be connected to one of the following:
    • Zebra's internet-based license server for online activation OR
    • A company's own Linux or Windows server (for off-line activation of any supported device) OR
    • A Windows computer running the Zebra StageNow desktop tool

I. Contact a Reseller

Zebra licenses are obtained through Zebra resellers or in some cases directly from Zebra. To begin, select an option:

1. Visit Zebra's Wireless Insights Product Page and select one of the methods for contacting Zebra directly or engaging with a reseller or partner.

2. Alternatively, select one of the following Zebra resources:

II. Access Licensing System

After a licensing agreement is purchased from Zebra or a Zebra reseller and a customer representative is designated, an email is sent to the representative containing user credentials for accessing the Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing system.

After licensing credentials are received, visit the Zebra licensing support page, register and log into the portal to:

  • Order licenses
  • Check status of existing orders
  • Assign licenses to devices or deployments
  • View current license inventory and assignments
  • Purchase and download license key .BIN files with Activation IDs for off-line licensing