Set Up USB Host Manager

Zebra USB Host Manager 1.0


Zebra USB Host Manager (UHM) is available from the Zebra Support Portal and is installed as any ordinary Android app.


  • Rules can be created using any of the supported devices with the corresponding update shown below.
  • To apply rules, Android 11 and MX 11.6 (or later) are required on target device(s).
  • To use UHM with Zebra Workstation Connect requires ZWC 1.6 (or later) on device(s).

Supported Devices

Supported Device(s) Minimum LifeGuard Update
EC50, EC55
ET51, ET56
TC21*, TC26*
TC52, TC52ax, TC52ax-HC, TC52x, TC52x-HC
TC57, TC57x
ET40*, ET45* 11-17-20.00-RG-U00-STD-GSE-04
TC53, TC58, TC73, TC78 11-17-16.00-RG-U00-STD-ATH-04

* A Mobility DNA Enterprise license is required to use UHM on Zebra Professional-series devices.

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