Scan Mode Manager

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StageNow - 5.12


The ScanModeMgr is used to adjust a TC55 device for left-handed or right-handed operation by swapping the Power key and Scan trigger on a device, or by configuring both side buttons as Scan triggers.

The power and scanner buttons are on opposing sides of the TC55, which can sometimes lead to incorrect presses. To adjust the device for optimum productivity, the ScanModeMgr can reverse the Power and Scan-trigger functions, or set both side buttons as Scan-triggers and move the Power function to the front.

Scan Mode Action

Used to set the Scan Mode on the device, which reassigns the Power key and Scan-trigger functions.

Status: Deprecated. This feature will be discontinued in devices running Android 13 and later.

Parm Name: ScanModeAction

Option Name Description Note Status Requires
0 Do Not Change The Scan Mode is not altered; any previously selected setting is retained.

MX: 4.3+

1 Normal Mode Sets the Scan Mode to its default setting for the TC55 device (Power on right, Scan-trigger on left).

MX: 4.3+

2 Scan 1 (Power is side key) Sets the Power key as the left-side key and the Scan trigger as the right-side key (opposite of the default setting).

MX: 4.3+

3 Scan 2 (Power is front key) Sets both side keys as Scan triggers and moves the Power-key function to the front key.

MX: 4.3+