Wipe a Device

StageNow 5.11


Use this Wizard to erase data on the device using Factory Reset (all data) or Enterprise Reset (only non-persistent data). See important additional information about reset actions.

Bypass Notes

  • Devices with MX 9.1 (or later) automatically skip the Android Set-up Wizard and begin staging when a .bin file is found.
  • On devices with MX 7.1 or higher, it is possible to automatically bypass the Android Setup Wizard (also known as the "Welcome Screen") following an Enterprise Reset using the Power Manager CSP. More about Power Manager's Setup Wizard Bypass parameter.
  • On devices with Android M and higher, it's also possible to skip the Android Setup Wizard by scanning a barcode when the wizard appears or at any time thereafter. See Setup Wizard Manual Bypass section below for details.

About Wizard Behavior

Settings created automatically by a Profile Wizard are sometimes not removed completely from the Profile when one or more of those settings are deleted manually. This occurs in Wizard-based Profiles that are further modified with settings created using Xpert mode. While parts of the deleted settings might still be visible, they are inaccessible by the administrator. However, the Profile does not execute them and otherwise functions normally.

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Wipe a Device

To create a "Wipe a Device" profile:

  1. Select "Create New Profile"

  2. Select the MX version from the drop-down menu

  3. Select the "Wipe a Device Wizard" and select "Create"


  4. Enter a name for the profile. Select "Start" to proceed.


    Note: During profile creation, an indicator at the top-right corner of the window displays creation status.

  5. Choose the desired erasure method. Select "Continue" to proceed.

    • Select Enterprise Reset to destroy device-specific data and return the device to its persistent default state. All non-persistent data is discarded.
    • Select Factory Reset to destroy all data and return the device to its factory defaults. No user content persists.


  6. Select the required information, and then select Continue. See Setting Types / Power for more information.

  7. Select "Continue" to proceed to the Review window.

Setup Wizard Manual Bypass

With MX 9.1 and higher, the barcode for bypassing the Android Setup Wizard is embedded within the configuration barcode(s). This combines bypass and device configuration into a single step. The processes and rules below apply to barcodes generated for devices with versions prior to MX 9.1.

When staging manually, it's possible to skip the Android Setup Wizard on devices with Android M and higher by scanning the barcode below at any stage of the wizard. On devices with Android N and higher, scanning the barcode bypasses the Android and Zebra Setup Wizards (including Analytics opt-out). If the Android Setup wizard is partially completed, data entered prior to the bypass scan is applied.

Bypass Limitations

Scan-to-Bypass is supported only on these Zebra devices and minimum BSPs:

  • TC51, TC56, TC70x and TC75x:
    • Android Marshmallow with Full Image 01-21-04.1-MG (BSP21) with LG patch 8 or newer
  • MC3300, TC51, TC56, TC70x, TC75x and VC80x:
    • Android Nougat with Full Image 01-01-49NG-00-A (BSP49) or newer
  • TC20/TC25 devices:
    • Android Nougat with Full Image 04-14-30-0-NG-00-M1 or newer
  • On devices with MX 9.0, any .bin file causes Setup Wizard bypass.
  • On devices with MX 9.1 and later, a security check ensures that bypass occurs only if the StageNow Profile was created using MX 9.1 or later.
  • Devices with MX 9.1 (or later) automatically skip the Android Set-up Wizard and begin staging when a .bin file is found.
Other Notes:
  • Android Setup-wizard bypass applies only to GMS devices; non-GMS devices do not employ the wizard.
  • Scan-to-bypass functionality is present in all BSPs newer than those listed above.
  • Go to Settings > About phone > Build number to display the BSP in a device.

Update Device

To update a device for use with the bypass barcode, visit to the relevant page below and follow instructions there.

Scan to skip wizards and run StageNow client: