Staging Guides

StageNow offers specialized methods of staging devices to align with organizational needs for efficiency, security and industry technologies.

A Guide to Staging

Describes steps for configuring Zebra devices after a Profile has been created.

Alert Button

How to designate a key as a "panic button" that when long-pressed executes an intent to perform a customized task such as dialing an emergency phone number.

Dynamic Staging

From a single staging Profile, configure devices differently based on how and/or where the devices are to be deployed.

Smart Profiles

Automates Profile creation for updating the OS on device(s) to any other version.

Trusted Staging

How to create "trusted devices," which use security certificates to protect staged devices from unauthorized configuration changes.

Zero Touch

Automates configuration of a device's network settings to enable new or refreshed devices to access Google Zero Touch servers for Device-Owner EMM Enrollment with no user interaction.