StageNow 3.2

StageNow 3.2

StageNow 3.2 User Guide, Revision A; StageNow MN-003212; December, 2018

Covers StageNow 3.2


This guide provides the staging administrator with instructions for using StageNow 3.2 to create XML-based profiles for staging devices.


The following software must be installed on the staging workstation prior to using StageNow:

  • Windows 7, 10 Pro (English or Chinese)
  • A supported web browser:
    • Firefox 29 or higher
    • Google Chrome 35 or higher
    • Internet Explorer 9 or higher

Sections of This Guide

  • Installing StageNow provides instructions for installing, uninstalling, and upgrading the StageNow staging solution, including system requirements.

  • Getting Started describes the StageNow solution, including information about users, use cases and supported devices.

  • Profiles provides information about StageNow Wizards, which allow the staging administrator to define software configurations and installation scenarios for enterprise devices.

  • Profile Wizards describes how to use the profile-creation Wizards.

  • Settings provides information for the staging administrator about configuring and managing settings for use in profile creation.

  • Setting Types lists the parameters and values available when creating settings.

  • Device Staging provides information for the staging operator about selecting a profile for configuring the target devices and deploying the profile material to the devices.

  • Troubleshooting describes errors that can occur in the StageNow Tool and provides possible solutions.

What's New in v3.2

Device Support

StageNow supports all Zebra devices running Android 4.x KitKat and later with MX 4.3 or higher.

StageNow v3.2 has been validated on devices with the following operating systems and MX versions:

  • Android 8.x Oreo
  • Android 7.x Nougat
  • MX 8.3
  • MX 8.2
  • MX 8.1
  • MX 8.0
  • MX 7.2
  • MX 7.1
  • MX 7.0

StageNow 3.2 has been validated only on devices running Android 7.x Nougat and later.
Validation is no longer performed on devices running Android 6.x Marshmallow or older.

New Features

Support for MX 8.3 provides the following enhancements:

  • Enhancements to GMS Manager provide two Google Mobile Services configuration modes:
    • Full mode allows all GMS features and apps to be enabled as desired
    • Restricted mode allows operation of a fixed set of GMS apps, blocking all others
  • A new WorryFreeWiFi manager simplifies mobile device management with traffic analysis and reporting for customer/partner applications.
  • A new NFC Manager controls the behavior and options for NFC communications on the device.
  • Enhanced UI Manager provides ability enable and disable usage of the on-screen power button on the PS20 device.
  • Enhanced Access Manager can emulate device user interactions, allowing key events and touch events to be "injected" into the system by an otherwise unprivileged application. Other enhancements include service actions that can:
    • Allow or prevent bindings to a service
    • Confirm that service binding is allowed
    • Allow or prevent service callers
    • Confirm that service calling is allowed
  • Enhanced File Manager can download and expand archive files by from a local PC or a server.

StageNow 3.2 supports only devices running Android 7.x Nougat and newer.
Support for Android 6.x Marshmallow (and older) is discontinued in StageNow 3.2.

Version History

Added in v3.1

StageNow 3.2 supports devices running Android 6.x Marshmallow and newer only.
Support for Android 5.x Lollipop (and older) is discontinued in StageNow 3.2.

Enhanced User experience

Xpert mode Enhancements

  • Profiles can now be edited as soon as steps/settings are viewable
  • Profiles can be saved after clicking the "Continue" button the first time
  • A new “Cancel Changes” option reverts all changes to their original values
  • An additional field was added for entering "user-friendly" step descriptions to help during profile review

Support for MX 8.2 provides the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced UI Manager adds these new features:
    • Enable/disable long-press on HOME key
    • Enable/disable date in Notification panel
    • Enable/disable long press on Recent Apps header icon to control access to app info

Support for MX 8.1 provides the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced Power Manager adds these new actions:
    • Specify an on-device file to verify an OS update
    • Specify whether to suppress auto-reboot following an A/B upgrade
  • Enhanced Battery Manager adds these new actions:
    • Enable/disable use of Battery Swap Mode UI
    • Enable/disable “battery charging” LED
  • Enhanced Bug Report Manager adds a new action:
    • Specify a time before expiration (in days) to store or email bug reports or send them to the cloud
  • Enhanced Cellular Manager adds these new actions:
    • Enable/disable user access to public land mobile network (PLMN) a device uses
    • Specify the MCC/MNC network PLMN LockSet
    • Show/hide PLMN lock UI
    • Determine the status of PLMN lock UI
    • Enable/disable Dual SIM Standby
    • Get the status of DSDS
  • Enhanced DHCP Option Manager adds these new actions:
    • Enable/disable requests for a custom DHCP option from server
    • Request or disable a specified DHCP Option
    • Enable/disable sending of a custom DHCP Option to server
    • Send or disable a specified DHCP Option
    • Send a value with a specified custom DHCP Option
  • Enhanced License Manager adds these new actions:
    • Specify an Activation ID to return a license from the device
    • Specify server friendly name for returning one or all licenses and for deleting license source
    • Select the license source type to be used to return one or all licenses
  • Enhanced Settings Manager adds these new actions:
    • Enable/disable the slide out drawer for accessing Android system settings
  • Enhanced UI Manager adds these new actions:
    • Enable/disable Split Screen mode
    • Enable/disable Do Not Disturb mode
    • Enable/disable Multi-user mode
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi adds these new actions:
    • Enable/disable MAC address randomization
    • Enable/disable Call Admission Control
    • Enable/disable user control of Hotspot state (active/inactive)
  • New AutoTrigger Manager CSP is used to configure automatic scan-triggering, which initiates scanning when a scan target is brought within proximity of the device sensor. Currently supports the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper device only.
  • New DeviceCentral Manager CSP allows configuration of settings on the device for Zebra Device Central, an enterprise tool for viewing connection state, battery status, firmware version and other device conditions from a central console.
  • New Fota Manager CSP controls the Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) Client on the device, allowing administrators to perform OS updates on Zebra devices without a physical connection. The FOTA Client app comes preinstalled on supported devices and is configured to communicate with the Zebra update server.

Added in v3.0

Support for Chinese language. The StageNow tool and device client now support localization for the Chinese language and Chinese version of Windows.

TechDocs Chinese. TechDocs, the technical documentation site for Zebra solutions, now offers a language selector for StageNow in the upper-right corner of the English-language screen. Note: The selector disappears after selecting the Chinese language.

Support for server-based device staging on devices with MX 4.4 and higher.
IMPORTANT: Network transport protocols are subject to the following MX dependencies:

  • MX 4.4+ - FTP only
  • MX 7.0+ - HTTP/HTTPS
  • MX 7.1+ - FTPS

Supports MX v8.0, adding the following features:

  • Enhanced App Manager adds these new actions:
    • Clear Application Cache
    • Enable/disable All GMS Applications on the "Safe to Disable" list
  • Enhanced License Manager adds these new actions:
    • Select a licensing file to be embedded in the XML
    • Select a preactivated license source
    • Query product-specific license information
    • Specify product name to be queried
    • Select the method used to supply the license .bin file
  • Enhanced Personal Dictionary now accepts shortcuts when bulk-adding terms from a file.
  • Enhanced Power Manager adds a new action:
    • Enable/disable PTT and scan buttons to wake the device from suspend mode
  • Enhanced Settings Manager adds a new action:
    • Enable/disable tethering and portable hotspot features
  • Enhanced UI Manager adds these new actions:
    • Enable/disable the Magnification Gesture
    • Show/hide the Virtual KeyBoard while Physical Keyboard is active

Supports Windows 10 Pro (English and Chinese)

Added in v2.10

  • The Wipe a Device guide now includes instructions for bypassing the Android Setup Wizard following an Enterprise Reset.

  • External Staging Server Support

    • Staging and deployment content can now be hosted on a server or system other than the StageNow workstation
    • An external staging server can use FTP, FTPS, HTTP or HTTPS protocols
  • Zebra VC80 devices can now be staged using a serial scanner (RS232)

  • When staging Zebra TC20/TC25 devices, administrators can now prevent Analytics Manager from being disabled

  • Support for MX 7.2 adds the following Setting Types and features:

  • Audio Manager new CSP:

    • Controls whether audio on a device plays only through a connected handset or through the handset and the built-in device speaker (supported on the Zebra VC80x only).

  • Display Manager new feature:

    • On VC80 devices, adds the ability to force the display to “Stay Awake” and remain on.

  • Power Manager new feature:

    • Turn ON/OFF “Doze Mode” energy saving features on the device. When enabled, only specially designated apps can prevent the device from entering a low-power state to preserve battery life.

  • Remote Scanner Manager new feature:

    • Supports RS-507 and DS-3608 scanners

  • Settings Manager new feature:

    • Enable/Disable application notification control on devices running Android Nougat

Additional information

Included in the StageNow 3.0 download package:

  • staging_solution_signed.3.0.exe - StageNow v3.0 Tool Installable

  • StagingInstallGuide_V3.0.pdf - StageNow v3.0 Install Guide

Compatibility Notes

  • See the full list of Zebra Android devices that support StageNow 3.0

  • Zebra devices running Android Nougat and Marshmallow ship with the StageNow Client and support all device configuration options offered by the StageNow tool.

  • The MX features supported by a given device depends on the versions of Android, OSX, and MX versions in the device BSP. Refer to the MX feature matrix to determine features supported by devices in your organization.

  • The free StageNow application can be downloaded and installed on any Windows 7 PC with no pre-requisite software and with no need to purchase, locate, license or install other components.