StageNow 2.6

Stagenow 2.6

StageNow 2.6 User Guide, Revision A

P/N MN-002672-04


This help file provides the staging administrator instructions on using StageNow 2.6 to create profiles to use for staging devices.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Firefox 29 or newer

  • Google Chrome 35 or newer

  • Internet Explorer 9 or newer

Section Descriptions

Topics covered in this guide:

  • Installing StageNow provides instructions for installing, uninstalling, and upgrading the StageNow Staging Solution, including system requirements.

  • Getting Started describes StageNow and includes information on users, use cases, and devices supported.

  • Profiles provides information on the StageNow Wizards which allow the staging administrator to define software configuration and installation for enterprise devices.

  • Profile Wizards describes how to use each available profile creation Wizard.

  • Settings provides information for the staging administrator on configuring and managing settings for use in creating profiles.

  • Setting Types lists the parameters and values available when creating settings.

  • Device Staging provides information for the staging operator on selecting a profile for configuring the target devices, and deploying the profile material to the devices.

  • Troubleshooting discusses errors that can occur in the StageNow Tool, and possible solutions.

What's New

StageNow 2.6 now offers support for Regional PC settings for most of the formats on the Windows 7 workstation.

The release also supports MX 6.2, which introduces or enhances the following CSPs and capabilities:

  • A new Ethernet Manager CSP administers settings for devices connected to a network through an Ethernet-equipped cradle, including:
    • DHCP enable/disable
    • Set static IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS
    • Ethernet proxy enable/disable
    • Set proxy host name, port number
    • Set proxy bypass host name(s) and/or IP address(es)
  • Persist Manager adds the following behaviors/features:
    • Device Lock prevents touch and USB inputs on the device following an enterprise reset until profiles are applied.
    • Graceful recovery from battery removal reapplies persisted settings if battery is removed while device is in enterprise reset mode.
    • OS Upgrade feature prevents Device Lock while an OS Upgrade is being performed.
  • Touch Manager adds support for:
    • Device Type allows a set of Zebra devices to be specified for which to apply settings for touch-screen sensitivity.
    • Screen Protector checkbox compensates for the presence of a screen protector on TC51, TC56, TC70x, or TC75x devices.
  • Cellular Manager adds support for:
    • Select the active SIM socket (SIM1, SIM2, SIM3 or SIM4)
    • SIM socket selection enable/disable
  • KeyMapping Manager adds key mapping support for the NAV_PAD button.
  • Hosts Manager now retains the device Host Name after a reboot.
  • Wifi Manager now handles advanced options on unsupported devices.