StageNow 2.5

Stagenow 2.5

StageNow 2.5 User Guide, Revision A

P/N MN-002672-04


This help file provides the staging administrator instructions on using StageNow 2.5 to create profiles to use for staging devices.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Firefox 29 or newer

  • Google Chrome 35 or newer

  • Internet Explorer 9 or newer

Section Descriptions

Topics covered in this guide are as follows:

  • Installing StageNow provides instructions for installing, uninstalling, and upgrading the StageNow Staging Solution, including system requirements.

  • Getting Started describes StageNow and includes information on users, use cases, and devices supported.

  • Profiles provides information on the StageNow Wizards which allow the staging administrator to define software configuration and installation for enterprise devices.

  • Profile Wizards describes how to use each available profile creation Wizard.

  • Settings provides information for the staging administrator on configuring and managing settings for use in creating profiles.

  • Setting Types lists the parameters and values available when creating settings.

  • Device Staging provides information for the staging operator on selecting a profile for configuring the target devices, and deploying the profile material to the devices.

  • Troubleshooting discusses errors that can occur in the StageNow Tool, and possible solutions.

What's New

The following topics are added or updated for StageNow 2.5:

  • Installing StageNow

  • Support for Marshmallow devices

  • Support for MX 6.1 which adds functionality to the following setting types:

    • Analytics Manager allows enabling and disabling the data collection metrics for the subsystem as a whole

    • Bluetooth Manager allows enabling and disabling Bluetooth discoverability

    • GPRS Manager supports adding APN and setting certain parameters including proxy server/port

    • Persist Manager supports device Lockdown after an enterprise reset

    • Threat Manager supports periodic scan and folder monitoring

    • UI Manager allows enabling and disabling network monitored messages

    • Wireless Manager allows enabling and disabling Set GPS Location Mode