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Secure Storage Manager 1.1


Secure Storage Manager (SSM) is a mechanism for securely sharing files and/or data from an originating app to one or more target apps, or to itself. It is built into Zebra mobile computers to help address the Google-mandated security restrictions being phased in starting with Android 11.

Data sharing - Securely share data, manage data access between apps and persist data (through an enterprise reset) by implementing Content Provider APIs.

File sharing - Files are securely shared through one of the following deployment methods:

  • StageNow/EMM - Shared files are deployed to the device via StageNow or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).
  • Programmatically - The originating app shares files by programmatically storing them in SSM for access by the target app.

Benefits of using SSM compared to file persistence:

  1. SSM is a secure method to share files - the target app package and the app signature must be specified in order for the app to be granted access to the shared file.
  2. SSM provides a common and secure solution to share and retrieve files that can be consumed by any application, preventing the need for individual apps to develop their own solution.
  3. SSM provides a common solution for apps to overcome Android scoped storage restrictions.

For more information, see the section on SSM in What's New in AndroidTM 13 and the Impact on Zebra developers blog post.


  • Android 11 or higher on the following supported devices:
Device Model Minimum Build (LG Update)
CC600, CC6000, EC30, EC50, EC55, ET51, ET56, L10A, MC20, MC22, MC2700, MC33x, MC33xR, MC33ax, MC93, PS20, TC21, TC26, TC52, TC52x, TC52ax, TC57, TC57x, TC72, TC77, TC8300, VC83 & WT6300 11-23-13.00-RG-U00
ET40, ET45
TC53, TC58
Released build

See Zebra Support Portal for the latest builds.

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