About SSM

Secure Storage Manager 1.0


Secure Storage Manager (SSM) is an application built into Zebra devices running Android 11 (and later) that provides a mechanism for securely sharing data from an originating app to one or more specified target apps. The originating app can use SSM to share data with another app, or store data to be consumed by the app itself. SSM implements Android Content Provider to share data and manage data access between apps.

This guide explains how to use SSM to share and retrieve data for consumption by a target app. SSM provides methods to securely create, retrieve, update and delete (CRUD) data.

For more information about Android Content Provider, see the Android Content Provider specification.


  • Android 11 or higher

Use Cases

Common SSM use cases:

  • Share data with other apps - an originating application is required to share data with a target application (e.g. network settings, file URIs etc.).
  • Persist data to same app - an application is required to store data for its own use after an enterprise reset (e.g. login credentials, application configurations etc.).

SSM use cases

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