SimulScan Licensing

SimulScan 1.1


SimulScan is free for many scanning scenarios, including when used with Zebra's DataWedge service and its default Templates, from a custom app to scan only barcodes, and/or for certain types of optical character recognition (OCR). A per-device license is required for advanced SimulScan features such as detection and capture of checkmarks and for scanning highly complex targets. A complete breakdown is below and shown in the Licensing Matrix.

When a License is Not Required

SimulScan is free when:

  • SimulScan is used to scan a fixed number of barcodes fewer than 10 (Multi-barcode mode)
  • No more than 10 barcodes are captured on any single scan
  • Text is captured using OCR-A, OCR-B or MRZ barcode symbologies
  • Capturing the presence of a signature
  • Capturing an image

When a License is Required

A per-device License is required when:

  • Capturing more than 10 barcodes (or other fields) on any single scan
  • The number of barcodes changes from one scan to another (Dynamic or Variable Quantity Groups)
  • Capturing text using optical character recognition (other than OCR-A or OCR-B)
  • Using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to capture check marks

Licensing General Rules

  • A SimulScan License is required for each device that will access SimulScan advanced features.
  • A Device-specific License is assigned based on a product name and serial number, and will fail if transferred to a different device.
  • A Deployment License works on all devices in a deployment, and is intended for remote- or mass-deployment scenarios.
  • The Deployment License Key is user-generated on the licensing website.
  • Demo licenses are available for evaluation and early integration.
  • A license is not required to use the SimulScan Demo App.
  • A Factory Reset clears the license from the device; license redeployment is required.

Licensing Matrix

License Types

  • SimulScan_MB-PREM - required for advanced barcoding features
  • SimilScan_PREM - required for advanced barcoding features and OCR/OMR

Obtain a License

SimulScan Licenses are purchased directly from Zebra Technologies or through resellers of Zebra products. The section below explains the process for licensing devices for SimulScan use.

I. Contact a Reseller

The first step in obtaining a license is to engage with Zebra or a reseller. To get started, use one of the following Zebra resources:

II. Access Licensing System

After a licensing agreement is arranged with Zebra or a Zebra reseller, an email containing user credentials will be sent to the licensing company's representative for access to the Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing system.

  • Log into the Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing system to:
    • Place an order for device licenses (see image)
    • View the status of existing orders
    • Assign licenses to devices
    • Generate Deployment License Keys
    • View current license inventory and assignment(s)

img Options for SimulScan licensing might vary from the image shown.

III. Assign License(s)

Once the desired license(s) are purchased, they must be assigned to device(s) before being deployed commercially. Licenses can be deployed manually or remotely using Zebra StageNow or a compatible mobile device management (MDM) system.

Manual Deployment

1. Enter the device model and serial number (as shown) and other required information.
Press Submit when done. img Individual licenses must be applied manually at the device. Deployment licenses can be deployed remotely en mass.

2. Download the SDC_License.xml file from the licensing server to a local PC: img Licenses are tied to the device model and serial number and will fail if transferred to a different device.

3. Push the License file to any location on the device.

4. This step varies by Android version:

  • Marshmallow and later:
    • In the SimulScan Demo app, select Menu -> License and tap the "Install" button.
  • Lollipop and earlier:
    • In the Settings panel, select About Phone -> Legal Information -> Symbol Licenses -> Menu -> Install license.

5. Navigate to the License file pushed to the device in Step 3.

6. Tap on the License file. On success, a confirmation message appears.

Manual License deployment is complete.

Mass deployment

  1. Generate a Deployment Key on the licensing website.
  2. Launch the StageNow wizard and select "SimulScan mass-deployment."
  3. Input the Deployment Key when prompted.
  4. Deploy the Key to devices.

Once deployed to the device, SimulScan Licenses are installed automatically. For details, please refer to StageNow documentation.