Migration Alert

SimulScan 1.1

Zebra strongly recommends that customers and partners develop a plan for migrating to DataWedge using NextGen SimulScan APIs for all applications that currently use SimulScan. Some SimulScan features are already transitioned and available for use today.

Migrated features available now:

See the Transition Roadmap for estimated availability of additional features.

More Info

  • All new SimulScan feature requests will be created in the Scanning Framework accessible through DataWedge and intent APIs.
  • NextGen SimulScan features will be supported on all Zebra devices with built-in Imager and/or camera running Android 8.x Oreo and higher.
  • Template Builder for NextGen SimulScan APIs will be available according to the schedule shown in the table below.
  • A next-gen version of SimulScan will be part of the Zebra Mobility DNA.
  • All multi-barcode features will be included in TC5x, TC7x, TC8x and MC9x devices at no additional cost

Transition Roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which SimulScan features are being transitioned to the Scanning Framework?
A: See the Transition Roadmap above for a list of features that are planned for transitioning. The table also includes features that are not being transitioned.

Q: Do I need to rewrite my existing SimulScan application to use the transitioned APIs?
A: Yes. Applications must be rewritten to use the SimulScan APIs available in Scanning Framework. The intent APIs provided by DataWedge will make this transition quick and easy.

Q: Do I need a license to use NextGen SimulScan features in Scanning Framework?
A: Maybe. Licensing is not required for any of the SimulScan features being transitioned into the Scanning Framework and APIs for Zebra Enterprise-series devices. Professional-series devices require purchase of an MDNA Enterprise License to access some NextGen SimulScan features. Learn more.

Q: Will NextGen SimulScan APIs be supported only on DataWedge? What about Enterprise Browser and EMDK?
A: DataWedge and intent-API support are the recommended method of programmatically accessing NextGen SimulScan features. Enterprise Browser provides features to access DataWedge. There are currently no plans to implement the transitioned features in EMDK APIs.

Q: What software do I need for using NextGen SimulScan features to Scanning Framework?
A: None. The Scanning Framework is preloaded on all Zebra devices. No additional software is needed.

Q: Which devices will NextGen SimulScan features in Scanning Framework support?
A: NextGen SimulScan features will be supported on all Zebra devices with built-in Imager and/or camera running Android 8.x Oreo and later. Some devices running Oreo and Pie might require application of the latest LifeGuard updates.

Q: I did not see some of the existing SimulScan features in the Transition Roadmap matrix. Will they ever be supported?
A: If an existing SimulScan feature is not listed in the Transition Matrix, currently there is no plan to support it. However, Zebra will consider supporting missing features on a case-by-case basis if a strong business case exists. Please contact your account manager to request support for missing features.

Q: Are there advantages to using NextGen SimulScan features in the Scanning Framework over the existing stand-alone SimulScan?
A: Yes. NextGen SimulScan features in the Scanning Framework will support all Oreo-based and future devices with built-in camera and imagers. Current SimulScan features support only a handful of devices. Further, SimulScan was not designed to accommodate new and complex features, nor to massively scale. The Scanning Framework was designed for scaling and allows for faster implementation of new scanning features. Additionally, NextGen SimulScan will not require a license for most devices.

Q: Some of the transitioned features in the Scanning Framework are in the roadmap but are not currently available. How soon can I get a beta?
A: Please contact your Zebra sales representative for information about accessing early-release software.

Q: Does the SimulScan Template Builder work with NextGen SimulScan?
A: No, but a new version is under development.

Q: Is Template Builder required to use NextGen SimulScan APIs?
A: No, but Template Builder is required to create a custom solution, such as when defining specific barcodes to be captured in a multi-barcode use case. A version of Template Builder compatible with NextGen SimulScan is under development.

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