About RxLogger

RxLogger 13.0


RxLogger is a software utility that provides centralized control of application and system logging, with the ability to easily customize output metrics for targeted diagnostic purposes. At the core of RxLogger is diagdaemon, a Zebra-built logging service that collects data and event logs from the Android kernel, logcat and other system components, and stores them in a single location where they can be filtered and displayed. Through an easy-to-use GUI interface, RxLogger also can change the type and frequency of data collection and control how much data is stored on the device. RxLogger is included with every Zebra Android device by default.

Note: The appearance of sample app screens displayed throughout this guide can vary by RxLogger version, Android version, and screen size.

New in RxLogger 13.0

  • Introduced support for Zebra Android 13 devices.

Version History

New in RxLogger 7.x

  • Usage Stats option from Snapshot Module is now disabled by default.
  • New hardware support based on new Zebra mobile computers released.
  • New Battery power data available based on device model.
  • New Memory Info option to capture memory used by system processes.

New in RxLogger 6.0

  • New option to save logs to internal SD card even when an external SD card exists.
  • For Qxdm module, added:
       • New default filter option for the log filter
       • New option to Choose logging limit type and specify the maximum number of log files for custom logs.
  • New module support added:
       • BTSnooplog Module - captures Bluetooth HCI snoop logs from the device
       • Recovery Module - captures recovery/OSupdate logsfrom the device
  • Change in internal storage path.

Screens and States

The startup screen of RxLogger contains four simple buttons that change in appearance depending on its state. RxLogger's title bar also reflects the state, and its version number is visible in the lower-right corner.


Initial state of RxLogger upon launch:


State immediately following a press of the Start or Stop buttons:


RxLogger is collecting data:


  • Start button - starts the diagdaemon service and begins data collection.

  • Stop button - stops the diagdaemon service and halts data collection.

  • About button - displays version information for diagdaemon, RxLogger and data collection modules.
    Note: On WS50, "About" is accessible from the top-right options menu in the main screen.

  • Settings button - displays a panel for configuring RxLogger and diagdaemon settings.
    Note: On WS50, "Settings" is accessible from the top-right options menu in the main screen.

Usage Notes

  • When the device is in Multi-User mode, only the primary user is supported.

  • Logging with the use of USB OTG is not supported.

  • There may be instances when RxLogger is enabled, but stops logging. This is attributed to a known issue in Android where Logd stops logging due to excessive system logs. To address this, use one of the following methods to increase the logger buffer size:

    • Android Settings > System > Developer options > Logger buffer sizes. Select the desired log buffer size.
    • Use command: adb logcat -G <buffer_size>, where <buffer_size> is the new size limit (64k - 16 MB).

    Then restart logcat manually or stop/restart RxLogger for the change to take effect.