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Private 5G


Zebra provides a portfolio of devices to support Private 5G wireless networks, which deliver cellular connectivity accessible only by company-authorized users on equipment that is owned, operated and managed by the customer independent of cellular carriers. P5G employs cellular-grade security, optimizes application performance with low latency and QoS features.

Developed in cooperation with major wireless providers and equipment manufacturers, Private 5G allows customers to use many of their existing resources to improve the wireless coverage, capacity and mobility of workers in outdoor and indoor environments, while maintaining consistently high data rates and smooth roaming handovers. The technology can be used alone or in combination with Wi-Fi and public cellular networks, providing a seamless fallback for out-of-range situations.

How P5G Works

A private 5G network functions identically to public 5G. Zebra mobile handhelds, tablets and other endpoints must be cellular-capable and support C-band and/or the Citizen Band Radio Service CBRS. Devices connect to the private wireless network using a physical SIM card or an eSIM. Both types are supported on Zebra devices, giving private 5G owners and operators tremendous control over which devices can connect to their network.

P5G Architecture

The basic requirements for a private wireless network include:

  • A radio access network (RAN, provides base stations, antennas, etc.)
  • A core network (provides end-to-end connectivity)
  • A backhaul network (delivers packets from edge devices to the core network)
  • Access to licensed, unlicensed or shared radio spectrum


See the P5G FAQ for more information.

Private 5G Benefits

The Zebra Private 5G enables network administrators to manage worker communications easily, and for workers to communicate efficiently, securely, and with fewer service interruptions. Some of the benefits of Private 5G include:

  • Coverage, capacity and mobility for:
    • Large indoor and outdoor areas with fewer APs
    • Penetrates steel and wood buildings
    • Quick setup for temporary structures
  • Resources dedicated to:
    • Local networking
    • Independent management
  • Security:
    • Strong cellular-grade security
    • Customer data remains on premises
  • Optimized performance provides:
    • Low latency
    • Quality of Service control
    • Performance tailored for specific apps

Zebra Devices and Coverage

Supported Zebra mobile devices include a variety of device types, covering all major bands and geographic regions for stand-alone and non stand-alone networks.

More about validated devices

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