SOTI MobiControl Connector

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This demo shows how Link-OS printers can be managed directly from the SOTI MobiControl environment.

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  • Web browser (Chrome v29 or later recommended).
  • Link-OS printer.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Printer configuration files from the section below.

Printer Configuration Files

Download the printer configuration file.

Download the printer configuration removal file.


  1. Connect you own Link-OS printer to this SOTI MobiControl instance by downloading the printer configuration file above and sending it to your printer.
  2. Connect your printer to a network with internet access.
  3. To return your printer to normal operation, download the printer configuration removal file and send it to your printer.

How to Access the Demo

Click the link and use the login details below.

Login Details:

  • User name: Zebra
  • Password: SOTIZEBRA

IMPORTANT: This demo instance has a limited number of device licenses. Please delete your printer(s) from the console after your demo to ensure enough licenses remain available so other users can connect their printers.

Additional Resources

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