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This basic application and it's source code are provided in the Link-OS SDK. It demonstrates how the secure Cloud Connect feature in Link-OS printers can be used to connect to a server based application running on premise or in the Cloud.
This instance of the Developer Demo is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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  • Web browser (Chrome v29 or later recommended).
  • Link-OS printer.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Printer configuration files from the section below.

Printer Configuration Files

Download the printer configuration file.

Download the printer configuration removal file.


  1. Connect your own Link-OS printer to this application by downloading the printer configuration file above and sending it to your printer.
  2. Interact with the printer from a web browser at the link below.
  3. To return your printer to normal operation, download the printer configuration removal file and send it to your printer.

How to Access the Demo

Click the link below.

Server Availability: Mon 8:00am - Fri 12:00am GMT

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