IoT Demo

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This demo shows how Link-OS printers can capture print data and send it to a Cloud hosted application for conversion or processing.

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  • Web browser (Chrome v40 or later recommended).
  • Link-OS printer.
  • Internet connectivity.


  1. Visit the demo page.
  2. Copy the printer configuration commands on that page and send them to your printer.
  3. Your printer should reboot and connect to the demo. Further configuration will be applied to the printer when the printer successfully connects.
    • Click 'Connections' to see if your printer has connected successfully.
  4. Download and extract these ZPL files.
  5. Send the ZPL files to your printer via the USB port and observe the recorded transactions on the demo pages.
  6. Use one of the following methods to remove your printer from the demo and return it to normal operation.
    • On the demo page click 'Connections' and click the remove button next to your printer (recommended).
    • On the demo page click 'About' and follow the instructions for removing your printer from the demonstration server.

How to Access the Demo

Click the link below.