HTTP POST Alerts Demo

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This demo shows how Link-OS printers can issue alerts to a web server that's listening for HTTP POST requests.
The advantage of HTTP POST alerts over other destinations such as TCP, UDP & SNMP is that HTTP is firewall friendly.
This demo application is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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  • Link-OS printer with display.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Bluetooth scanner (optional).
  • Web browser (Chrome v40 or later recommended).

Printer Configuration Files

Download the printer configuration file.

Download the printer configuration removal file.


  1. Configure your Link-OS printer to send alerts to the server by downloading the printer configuration file and sending it to your printer.
  2. Use any of the options below to create an alert.
    #1: Open/close the printhead or create a media out condition.
    #2: Scan data if your Bluetooth scanner is paired with the printer.
    #3: Select an option from the menu on the printer.
  3. To return your printer to normal operation, download the printer configuration removal file and send it to your printer.

How to Access the Demo

Visit the page below to view the alerts.

Server Availability: Mon 8:00am - Fri 12:00am GMT