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ConnectionBuilderBuild Method

Creates a Connection type based on the contents of descriptionString.

Namespace:  Zebra.Sdk.Comm
Assembly:  SdkApi_Desktop (in SdkApi_Desktop.dll) Version: 2.14.1869
public static Connection Build(
	string descriptionString


Type: SystemString
The format of the input string is: [prefix:] address [: port_number(s)].

  • Prefix is either TCP_MULTI, TCP, TCP_STATUS, USB (if applicable), USB_DIRECT (if applicable), BT_MULTI (if applicable), BT (if applicable), or BT_STATUS (if applicable).
  • The format of address depends on the prefix
    • USB : address is the printer driver name.
    • USB_DIRECT : address is the USB symbolic name.
    • TCP : address is either a DNS name or an IPv4 address.
    • BT : address is the MAC address. (Windows 10 only)
  • port_number(s) is optional, and only applicable for TCP connections.
  • Examples:
    • TCP:ZBR3054027:9100
    • TCP_MULTI:ZBR3054027:9100:9200
    • USB:ZDesigner Qln320
    • USB_DIRECT:\\?\usb#vid_0a5f&pid_00bd#qln320#...
    • BT:11:22:33:44:55:66

Return Value

Type: Connection
Connection derived from the contents of descriptionString.
ConnectionExceptionIf a connection could not be established for the given descriptionString.
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