ZSDK_API  1.5.1049
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCDiscoveredPrinterContainer holding information about a discovered printer
oCDiscoveredPrinterNetworkInstance of DiscoveredPrinter that is returned when performing a network discovery
oCFieldDescriptionDataA class used to describe format variable fields
oC<FileUtil>This is a utility class for performing file operations on a printer
oC<FormatUtil>Defines functions used for interacting with printer formats
oC<GraphicsUtil>This is an utility class for printing images on a printer
oC<MagCardReader>Provides access to the magnetic card reader, for printers equipped with one
oCMfiBtPrinterConnectionEstablishes a Bluetooth connection to a printer
oCNetworkDiscovererA class used to discover printers on an IP network
oCPrinterStatusA class used to obtain the status of a Zebra printer
oCPrinterStatusMessagesThis class is used to acquire a human readable string of the current errors/warnings stored in a PrinterStatus instance
oCSGDA utility class used to wrap and send SGD commands to a connection
oC<SmartCardReader>Provides access to the smartcard reader, for printers equipped with one
oCTcpPrinterConnectionEstablishes a TCP connection to a printer
oC<ToolsUtil>This is a utility class for performing printer actions
oCZebraErrorCodeIEnumeration of the various error codes which can be returned by the Zebra API
oC<ZebraPrinter>An interface used to obtain various properties of a Zebra printer
oC<ZebraPrinterConnection>A connection to a Zebra printer
oCZebraPrinterFactoryA factory used to acquire an instance of a ZebraPrinter
\CZplPrintModeIEnumeration of the various print modes supported by Zebra printers