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Zebra API

Provides classes for interfacing with Zebra printers from an Apple® mobile digital device.

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Tips for developing with this API...

  1. As a best pracitce, Zebra recommends not making calls to our API from the GUI thread. Use Grand Central Dispatch to accomplish this.
  2. Only Mobile printers are available with built-in magnetic card readers
  3. Each ZebraPrinterConnection object should only be used on a single thread
  4. In iOS 9, a new Build Variant “Enable Bitcode” was introduced. This variant is initially set to “Yes” which may cause any project using the ZSDK_API to not build properly.
    • To change this, go into xCode > Build Settings > Build Options and set “Enable Bitcode” to “No” for the project to be exported.

Project Settings and Configuration

  • The API library was built using XCode 6
  • Minimum iOS SDK is 8
  • Valid architectures are armv7 and arm64
  • Code is compiled with LLVM 6
  • Library compiled using Manual Reference Counting
  • If you wish to communicate to a Made For iPhone Zebra printer using Bluetooth, you need to:
    • Link your project to the ExternalAccessory framework
    • Add the proper protocol string to your plist file; com.zebra.rawport
    • Set the key Required Background modes to App Communicates with an accessory in your app's plist file
    • To submit an App to the App Store which uses the MFi Zebra printer, follow the instructions here
  • Please supply your project's settings and configuration information if you need to contact Tech Support