Download Enterprise Keyboard

Enterprise Keyboard 4.2

How To Download

  1. Visit Support Portal's EKB download page to view supported devices.
  2. Check the "Device to Version/Operating System Compatibility" table to ensure compatibility with the target device(s).
  3. Select the desired EKB version(s) for the target device(s).
  4. Download and install the package(s) using the standard procedure for OS updates or Android .apk files.

Also available from Google Play


  • Devices with preinstalled versions of EKB can be upgraded to the latest version ONLY on devices running Android 7.x Nougat (or later).
  • See EKB Device Compatibility table for upgrading EKB on devices running older Android versions.

Remote Management

Enterprise Keyboard can be installed and activated remotely using Zebra's StageNow device configuration tool and the UI Manager and Enterprise Keyboard Manager services (requires MX 6.3 or higher on the device). Alternatively, a company's own enterprise mobility management (EMM) system can be used for remote administration if supported by that system.