Korean3of5minLength Decoder

RhoElements 2.x API


The Korean3of5minLength Decoder Setting is used to set the korean3of5 minLength property.


korean3of5minLength (Decoder Setting) <META> Syntax

<META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" content="korean3of5minLength:[parameter]">

korean3of5minLength JavaScript Object Syntax:
By default the JavaScript Object 'scanner' will exist on the current page and can be used to interact directly with the korean3of5minLength.
To Set korean3of5minLength parameters via JavaScript use the following syntax: scanner.Parameter = Value;

e.g. scanner.korean3of5minLength = Value;


Items listed in this section indicate parameters, or attributes which can be set.

NamePossible ValuesDescriptionDefault Value
korean3of5minLength:[Value] Number (1 - 55)Numeric value setting the minimum number of characters in the barcode.Device specific


RhoElements Version1.0.0 or above
Supported DevicesAll supported devices except: Enterprise Tablet.
Minimum RequirementsScanner or Imager module and device that supports korean_3of5.
PersistenceTransient - Decoder settings are only guaranteed to persist until the Scanner is disabled

HTML/JavaScript Examples

The following example enables the scanner and sets the minimum length of korean3of5 barcodes to read to 30

<META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="korean3of5:enabled">
<META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="korean3of5minLength:30">
<META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="enabled">